What a Sweetheart!

Chanel exhibiting an almost “bed fail”.

Chanel exhibiting an almost “bed fail”.

Chanel resting - her favorite pastime!

Chanel resting - her favorite pastime!

Little Chanel is such a dream! She is tiny (about 55 pounds) and is young - only 16 months. Oddly she doesn’t have that puppy energy and is more on the adult level as far as that is concerned.

She is enjoying life around my pack but really wants a pack of her own. She would likely do best with several Greyhounds in her home as well as a fenced in backyard. Is your home a good fit?

Bundle Of Joy

Hi there!  It’s week 10 and little Miss Chanel will be graduating from Second Chance Academy with flying colors.  She has amazed her trainer with how fast she had learned her commands and how quickly she responds when doing her commands.  She has also mastered a couple extras – speak and hoop-jump. She’s quite the smarty pants and her training could be endless.

It’s time for Chanel to head to her forever home and her trainer said it has been a great and joyful experience with Chanel, and not only has she impacted his life, but also all the trainers around her.  They love how she is just so adorable and smart.  He has no doubt she will do the same wherever she goes.  It’s been fun and now it’s time for Chanel to bring love and joy to her forever family!  I know you are ready to meet your new bundle of joy, Chanel!

Can I keep her, pleeeease?!

This week was swap week, when the primary trainers all switch dogs for a week. And Chanel’s swap week trainer had a blast with her! She is a sweet, lovable and unique greyhound. She knows all of her commands and adjusted so well to a new trainer for a week. That’s one of the wonderful things about greyhounds - they really love everyone! She loves playing with other greyhounds (especially little Maisie!) and with her toys. Her swap week trainer enjoyed his time with her so much that wanted to keep her for another week!

Waiting for some loving from you!

It’s week 8 and Chanel never ceases to amaze her trainer with her charm and being so smart.  She does all her 13 basic commands without hesitation and several extras.  Her trainer will take her to the training room for a play session after doing some commands, and for a reward she gets a toy.  Boy, does she love toys.  Once playtime is overs, Chanel will lay on the dog bed and wait to be petted.  She does her cute little head tilt to the side just waiting for some loving.  She is by far the sweetest greyhound her trainer has ever seen!  

See you next week for more updates.  Until next time…Tootles!

Little Miss Lovable

Little Miss Chanel’s trainer is having tons of fun with this sweet little girl! She is so lovable and adorable, playful, smart and the most tolerant greyhound he has ever met. It’s gonna break his heart once he has to let her go, but he says he can live with it because he knows she’s going to make some lucky family very happy for many years to come.

As I’m sure you all know, Chanel has perfected all of her basic commands and is having a blast learning some extras! She knows speak very well so far, and it is so cute to watch her do it. She gets so excited! It’s like she has to build herself up to do it. Her trainer’s favorite is the hoop jump; Chanel can really fly! She will jump through, spin around, and jump right back through. She’ll do this several times before even looking for a treat. Until next week, y’all take care!

Charming Little Girl

It’s week six already and Chanel is a sweet hot mess!  She’s a smart girl when it comes to learning commands.  She does this little thing with her head, as you talk to her, she tilts her head to the side as if she is listening intently on what you’re saying. Prepare yourself. She has this funny little way of getting into your heart.  Her inmate trainer says that he knows her forever family will fall fast and hard for this sweet girl!

She’s doing really well with all of her commands and knows most all of them with hand signal and verbal cues! Her trainer is very proud of her training progress and can’t wait to see what she learns next.

The Best Company Around

Hey y'all!

It's hard to believe that we are halfway through this session. Time flies when you got good company to spend it with. And Little Miss Chanel is the best company you could ask for, if I do say so myself! I know all my basic commands and have all but mastered leash walking and stairs. So with just five weeks left, I'm going to work my tail off improving everything I can. I started learning some extra commands this week, and my favorite so far is speak! I get so excited and my trainer says it's pretty cute. I am going to miss my trainer - he even said I'm his favorite greyhound he's ever worked with!

Until next time, y'all have a good one!


Mademoiselle Chanel

Over The Top Adorable and Loveable!

Chanel has come so far since she arrived!  You just wouldn’t believe it. and her inmate trainer says that there are no words to express how proud of her he is.  He says that hands down she’s the most adorable, lovable and playful Greyhounds that he’s ever had the privilege to work with.

She’s doing great with her leash walking skills and has almost mastered all of her basic commands!  Her inmate trainer says that he’s looking forward to teaching her a few extra commands to impress her new family with. 

Playing with the other dogs is by far her most favorite thing to do.  She’s become best friends with Maisie and they play together all the time.

Chanel is N°1!

Another week here with little Miss Chanel. She is hands down the most tolerant, playful and lovable greyhound that her trainer has ever worked with! She has a Roman nose, beautiful eyes and cute little white paws (snow paws are the cutest!). And to top it all off? She’s smart as a whip! She has made an unbelievable amount of progress in just three weeks and her trainer is so excited to see what they can accomplish together. She is already proficient in six of the 13 basic commands and she has made huge improvements on her leash walking skills. It took less than 3 weeks to steal her trainer’s heart!

Until next week, Chanel says “have a good one, y’all! And don’t forget to pick me!”

Come On. Let's Play!

Week 2 has arrived! Chanel’s inmate trainer says that Chanel may be small but she’s actually a big ole baby!  The new world is full of lots of interesting sights, sounds and smells!  She’s been taking her sweet time investigating it all.  

She’s made great progress with leash walking, wait, and going into her kennel.  She loves attention and playing with the other dogs. Her inmate trainer says that she’s a tolerant and playful girl who is very gentle with the puppy in this training session. She patiently allows the puppy to chew her ears, legs, and face.  The puppy jumps all over her and plays tug-o-war with rope toys.  They lay on the same bed and enjoy each others company. 

She cracks everyone up at potty break time.  She jumps up and slaps dogs that walk by with her paw, trying to get them to play with her. She’ll spin and try to chase them, having the time of her life!  Her inmate trainer says that she’s a lot of fun and can’t wait to see what she does next! 

Mademoiselle Chanel

Oh my gosh! Can y'all believe the nerve of these people? They promise me this big fancy retirement with all the trimmings, but I should have read that fine print. Because after a few hours on a truck, they put me in a prison program! For 10 weeks! Unbelievable. When I got off the truck, some guy who calls himself my primary trainer, walks me right into the dorm and puts me in the shower! He washed me from head to tail and I was like hey, guy, I just MET you. 

Then this guy takes me and puts me on a scale (never make a lady share her weight, come ON!) and writes my name and weight on a board where everyone can see. Who does that? And as if that wasn't enough, he went and cut my perfectly fine nails and cleaned my already clean ears. So it goes without saying, this guy is already on thin ice with me. 

But to give credit where credit is due, he DID start feeding me by hand, and has been giving me some great ear and neck rubs.  Oh, and telling me how adorable I am. Like I didn't already know that! He's also got some really tasty treats that he gives me  when I do the SIMPLEST tasks. And he has some cool squeaky toys that he lets me throw around. If he keeps this up, he just might turn out to be all right... 

Well, my paw is getting tired from all this writing. I'll bark at y'all next week! Until then, 

Miss Chanel