Falling for Faith

Faith has had another excellent week.  She did very well at Show and Tell receiving a perfect score on all of her commands. Her inmate trainer says that he’s spent some extra time working on the “heel” and “kennel” commands and she’s doing great.   

Faith’s inmate trainer says that Faith is a sweetheart who is laid back and loves to relax on her bed. She takes retirement pretty seriously. She gets along well with other dogs and is always up for running and playing with them.  Faith is an easy girl to fall in love with.  He says that it’s been his pleasure and privilege to work with her. He wishes the very best to her and her new family. 

Faith Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Faith has made greyt progress this week!  Her alternate inmate trainer says that they worked on going in and out of the kennel and she did great!  They’re still working on “heel” and she’s figuring it out.  She got 10s on all of her commands at Show and Tell with the exception of “heel”.  

This girl loves squeaky toys.  Her inmate trainer says that it’s fun to watch her play and enjoy herself.  She’s treat motivated, which helps with training. Peanut butter treats are currently at the top of her list.  Faith is a gentle girl with a laid back attitude.  Her inmate trainer believes that her new family will be swept off their feet by this amazing girl! 


America's Next Top Best Friend

Faith is a SWEETHEART! She is a gentle, loving, and easy-going dog. She has adjusted very well to the facility and she is doing very well with training. She knows all of the commands. Some of them she performs very well, and a few she is a little slow to respond to, but she is working diligently on these. Faith makes progress every day - her trainer has faith in Faith!

Faith would make a fantastic companion for a family with children, in her trainer’s opinion. She is very docile and tolerant when being handled, hugged around her neck, and when being cuddled. Her trainer cannot find any negative traits at all in her!

Faith loves to run when given the opportunity to and she is SO fast! She will make an amazing pet and deserves the loving forever family that’s waiting for her. Her trainers say it has been such a pleasure to train her, and you are going to love this cutie!

Sweet Girl

Welcome back to another update on Faith’s progress! This week, she has been working on perfecting her basic commands. Faith loves to show off what she knows. She loves to go into the training room and play around with everyone. She has been working really hard to make her trainers happy and loves to eat and get yummy treats in return for nailing her commands. She is beloved by everyone in the dorm and loves to run around the big yard with her fellow hounds.

Faith really loves to give you this look that’s like “what are you doing?” when you walk past her or go to get something to eat. She just wants to hang out! She loves to chill and watch movies with her trainers. Well, that’s all for now! Check back next week for more shenanigans!

Prepare Your Hearts!

Welcome back! This week Faith and her trainer worked super hard on all of her commands. Her trainer is proud to say that she got all of them nailed except heel, but she is still improving on that one. It's the final countdown!

Faith likes to show off when she's happy while doing her basic commands. This week she has been making everyone laugh because she frequently gives this look that says "what are you doing?" with her ears pointed straight up in the air! Just look at those ears! You can’t help but love them and her! So dramatic.

Faith loves peanut butter treats, so be sure to have some of those around - they're sure to activate those satellite ears! Everything she does is so cute - her funny mischievous grin, the way she licks her nose. When you see this girl, you will fall in love immediately!

Fabulous Faith!

Faith is a sweet girl who loves to see her human happy.  Her inmate trainer says that she’s an absolute joy to train.  She loves attention and believes that humans were made just for her.  

She loves to run and play in the big yard.  She does really well with the “here” command even when she’s in the middle of something. She’s a smart girl and doesn’t mind learning new things.  If she sees a yummy treat she’ll start bouncing around full of happiness and excitement.  


Cutie Patootie

Welcome back to another week in the life of Faith! This week, her trainer has been working with her on her commands. Because she started off a little slow to respond to her commands, she has been putting in extra work to make sure she knows what to do and when to do it. She has let her trainer run her through the commands a few times and has done well, but practice makes permanent.

Faith loves to come out of her kennel to play or hang out and she learns really quickly. Sometimes she is slow performing her commands but once she grasps the concept, it’s a breeze. Her trainer says that he can really tell she is eager to learn and eager to please. She plays very well with the other greyhounds and has no problems. She is VERY treat-motivated and goes nuts for any kind of yummy treat! Marshmallows, peanut butter, you name it, she is determined to acquire it. Fingers crossed our sweet girl gets 10’s across the board next week for show and tell!

Attention is at the top of her list!

Guess who nailed Sit this week?  Yep, it was Faith.  Her inmate trainer says that he’s very proud of her!  

Faith is making a lot of friends along the way.  It seems that she doesn’t meet a stranger.  Her inmate trainer says that watching her run and play is a highlight to his day.  He says that she’s the fastest greyhound on her running team.  

Her first Show and Tell was this week and Faith almost got all 10s on her score!  Just think, it’s only three weeks in!  Faith loves to hang out and watch TV with her human.  Getting attention is top of her list.  He says that she’s sure to win the hearts of her new family.  She’s joy and happiness wrapped in fur on four legs.  



You Gotta Have Faith

This week, Faith has gotten better on her leash walking. Her trainer is proud of her and she is doing so well! She is eating a lot better than when she first arrived, and is working hard on her commands every day. She still has some work to do but her trainer is certain that she will nail these commands soon. She is very playful and is an absolutely beautiful dog. She reminds her trainer of a doe! He is learning just as much from her as she is from him every day. She loves getting special treats and is bound to make whoever adopts her over the moon with joy. She has many more commands to learn and in another two weeks, she should have these down pat. He’s got faith in Faith!

By the way, Faith loves to get tummy rubs. She has been tested for aggressive behavior and hasn’t shown any – she is one friendly pup! Well, stay tuned next week for updates on this adorable little doe!

Reporting for training!

Faith has arrived for training!  Her inmate trainer is hand feeding her to work on bonding.  Faith wasn’t too sure about taking food from a stranger so she made him prove that he was an okay guy.  

He’s been working with Faith on her leash walking skills. The goal is to have her walking by his side and not out in front of him.  He’s proud to say that she’s making great progress!