Dreamy Derek

Hi everyone, it’s your favorite guy around, Derek! I’ve had such a busy week and I’m here to tell you about it myself!

Last Monday, I was sleeping so well that I was twitching and woofing in my sleep - so much that my trainer said he wishes he’d named me Twitch! Then on Tuesday, we climbed a FULL flight of stairs! Well, I did it VERY slowly because the stairs are made of metal grid and feel weird on my paws, and I felt like I was walking on air a little bit! Plus, I could see the ground getting further away through the grid. Ahhhh!!! But on Saturday, we used six solid stairs in our building and I did just fine on those . That’s ‘cause they’re NORMAL stairs, not like those other see-through ones!

But best of all was Sunday. First, my trainer and I played with toys and I got really tired from that. We had barely finished playing and then Ms. Shae from SCG visited us. I was so tired that I slept on the bed until it was time to show her how good I am at my commands. And she gave us the best news…. all of my friends and me have been ADOPTED! I can’t wait for that, ‘cause I’ve gotten more and more snugly with my trainers, but soon I’ll get to STAY snugly with my new family - forever!

I can’t wait to see you in five weeks!!

Your dream dog,


Debonair Derek

This week Derek did much better with his commands during show and tell. He got 10’s on most of his basic commands. The others he just needs to iron out the wrinkles and he will be good to go. Stairs were introduced this week and Derek did very well with them. His trainer is impressed with how quickly he picks up on new things. He is eager to please.

Derek continues to become more and more loving to his pack. When his kennel door comes open, he’s ready for attention. Even outside, no matter who’s walking him, as soon as he sees one of his trainers, Derek is making a “B” line to them. He loves his trainers and he is going to love you too!

Gentle, Playful and Loving

This week, Derek had his first show and tell, which is when he gets graded on the basic commands. While he struggled a little bit during it, he has been doing them better at feedings and other times, so his trainer is confident that he will continue to improve. He still has that happy, quick-to-learn attitude, which he demonstrated strongly during show and tell. He didn’t hesitate to “jump” or “off” for the first time, commands which simulate getting in and out of a vehicle.

He has also played very well with toys this week, is quick to give them back, and even shares with another dog – they even played together! His playful, fun-loving, gentle attitude continues to shine every day in every way.

He also had a moment of extraordinary affection – while waiting for a dog run, he set his head in his trainer’s lap and then pushed up his entire body for hugs! What a sweetheart.

So if you choose to be Derek’s forever family, get ready for lots of love and affection for the rest of both of your lives!

Tail wagger of happiness

This week Derek has made a lot of progress.  He his familiar with all of his basic commands except one!  His inmate trainer is proud to say that Derek has also mastered a few commands already!  He continually impresses his training team with how quickly he picks up on new things. 

Derek has started running in the big yard and playing with toys this week.  His inmate trainer says that Derek doesn’t get overly excited about too much.  He’s doing really well with the “give” command with toys.  So far food is the only thing he’s not too interested in “giving.”  Seems like his strongest motivation is going to be food. He loves food!

Derek has become more affectionate this week.  He’s good with hugs and every time he comes out of the kennel his tail is wagging with happiness.  His inmate trainer has started calling him “Delightful Derek!”  


Treats are the bomb!

So, after four days of getting to know Derek, his trainer’s first impression is that he is a smart, quick learner, friendly and affectionate, and VERY treat-motivated. He’s been doing great learning all the “walking” and “kennel” commands, so his trainer is confident that he will have no problem learning all of the others.

He hasn’t ran or played with toys yet, but that’s on the “to do” list. It should be fun watching him learn how to play with toys! He’s almost two years old. A young pup and he’s as cute as a button!

Derek’s most striking feature is his red/blonde coat, although his handsome face with his big ole golden brown eyes are a close second. Ah! How to choose?! But most importantly of all, he has such a happy and loving disposition. Since “Derek” means “King,” his trainer is sure that his personality will help him ‘rule’ your heart if you choose to become his forever family!