First Night in Foster Home

Abby is a dream. I was worried that after all she'd been through - her owner dying, being alone after that, and getting some long-needed attention from a vet - she would be a bit depressed and apprehensive. All this girl needed was some company and some attention! She's had no problem adjusting to her new situation, aside from trying to figure out the bed situation - our two grey girls have beds in every room, so if the beds are occupied, she'll go right over and lay down down with one of the girls - most adorable. She loves playing with them and they with her. Abby has a sweet, quiet and very gentle nature. When one of my daughters came in to meet her, Abby's tail spun in circles like a helicopter blade. She's fond also of my husband, maybe because she was so close to the man who owned her and recently passed away. She loves riding in the car, even though my nervous girl sat on her head and then stepped on her foot at one point. She was unflappable!

I am pleasantly surprised at how well-trained she is. She sits down when told, waits in the sphinx pose, and stays put on command. She comes when I call her! What a relief to discover that she can jump up into the back of my high SUV by herself and without coaxing, unlike my younger girls, one of whom must have her 60 pound self lifted into the back. Abby will lift your spirits like no other. She is a little white angel with black, honest eyes. She has won our hearts in less than 24 hours.