Tito McBones loves everyone and has a few people whom he especially adores. He wants everyone to love him and pet him. This lively young boy has really progressed wonderfully while in the program. He focuses much better and does all his commands well - only a little slow to respond to shake. Tito is a loyal and lovable two-year old. His antics have kept his handler entertained and he has loads of personality. It's been a joy to watch him jump around outside with squeaky toys, tail curled upwards, bottom in the air, having the time of his life. He's a friendly and outgoing hound who enjoys playing with the other dogs and is a talker - uses his bark to let you know what he wants! This boy loves to be outdoors or lying on a blanket at your feet. He's amazing!


Tito has had a really good week. This good-looking boy is of course full of energy but is training great, doing much better focussing on his commands. He does them all really well now and only his stay is just a little slower. His wait command has really come along great - he's got it down to a T. Tito is a big, loving boy. If you walk away he tells you with a bark that he wants to come along. His handlers are enjoying showering him with love as they work with him.


Tito is a talker. He gets along great with the inmates and loves to run off leash with the other greys. He is still puppy-like in some ways - gets excited and plays around sometimes in training. But he has done well learning his commands. He's working on wait - still tries to take a step forward after the command is given and then stop! This past weekend he did the weekend switch and had an alternate handler. She had the most wonderful time with him and describes him as a gentle giant. He is full of life and they wore each other out having a great time together all weekend.


Tito is a great dog. He loves to show affection and gets on with everyone and every dog. This hound loves toys and plays with them well. He shows a lot of puppy in him still and is nosy about everything. He does well being groomed - takes his handling calmly and is fine with bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning (loves it) and having his teeth brushed. He also loves his food and has a good appetite. Tito is doing well with his training, with stay and shake still needing some work. He does well on the stairs. He is so sweet and full of life and energy. His handlers say he'll make a great play dog and they enjoy every minute with him.


Tito gets on great with people and plays well with the other greys. He gets plenty of exercise and loves to roam off leash. His absolute favorite is playing with squeaky toys; he'll run himself into the ground with a squeaky. He's doing really well with his commands and also does great on the stairs. This boy loves his food, which helps as a training incentive. He's now progressed to being able to respond to about 70% of his commands without treats.


Tito McBones has absolutely captured his handler's heart. He is truly a big puppy and she can't express enough how much she loves him. This boy loves his food and seeks out treats whenever possible. His training is going very well, with only stay and shake needing some more work. He still pulls a little on leash but corrects easily. Tito loves toys and to run off leash. He does really well with people and is a sweet, playful, loving (and food-loving) hound.


Tito McBones is coming along well in his training. With treats, he will respond to sit, down, advanced heel, stairs and kennel. He's full of energy and his handler is giving him plenty of exercise walking, running off leash and chasing balls. This boy loves, loves, loves to run after a squeaky ball. He gets along well with the other dogs when playing. He's also fine with people, showing no fear or shyness.


This week with Tito McBones was full of surprises. He's such a playful dog and so full of life. He loves toys and likes to bring them over to his handler's bed. This boy absolutely loves his food, keeping an eye on the other hounds's dishes after he has finished his own! When out on the rec, he did really well around the labradors, not seeming to mind them at all. Tito has started his training and is doing great with his sit and his down commands.

3/10/13 - First impressions

Tito McBones is so full of life and as lovable as they come. He is very happy to have discovered squeaky toys, but gives them up readily when told to. This boy has a wonderful personality and is a joy to be around. He gets along fine with people and with other dogs and is a big puppy, sweet and playful. Though formal training hasn't yet begun, Tito seems to be a quick learner. His handlers have already been training him to wait at the door and have started to use a few other key words with him, such as hurry, heel, easy and kennel. They are looking forward to working with him and watching more of his personality come out as they ready him for his forever home.