Call me Stetson

Sounds very "Cowboy" for a fella who went from an Alabama racetrack to a Florida prison, and now to a Georgia foster home/half-way house; but I am a bit claustraphobic and like wide open spaces. Would somebody please explain that to Rythmn, that big brown High Roller guy who keeps cramming his way into my spots with me? I have an appointment tomorrow to meet a potential new family. The dad says he's a tall lanky guy looking for a tall lanky dog.  SHHHH.. Don't let on that the brown dog is 3" taller than me. Nah, that's OK. He's  already spoken for. He just won't go away. Just kidding. Honestly, we get along fine when not squeezed into the back seat of a car. Our older foster  brother, Big Maks, is nice, too, as well as Foster mom, Pat, but I'm ready for a forever home of my own, so wish me luck tomorrow!!