Call me Stetson

Sounds very "Cowboy" for a fella who went from an Alabama racetrack to a Florida prison, and now to a Georgia foster home/half-way house; but I am a bit claustraphobic and like wide open spaces. Would somebody please explain that to Rythmn, that big brown High Roller guy who keeps cramming his way into my spots with me? I have an appointment tomorrow to meet a potential new family. The dad says he's a tall lanky guy looking for a tall lanky dog.  SHHHH.. Don't let on that the brown dog is 3" taller than me. Nah, that's OK. He's  already spoken for. He just won't go away. Just kidding. Honestly, we get along fine when not squeezed into the back seat of a car. Our older foster  brother, Big Maks, is nice, too, as well as Foster mom, Pat, but I'm ready for a forever home of my own, so wish me luck tomorrow!!

Training Updates

Steston has had a good week.  He knows all his commands and works well with all the trainers.  Steston has been taught "Lap" and is still doing great.  This week he is working on "under".  He goes under a table in a down position, but he has to watch his head since he's so tall.

Steston loves all kinds of toys, plastic, fuzzy, balls, and he really enjoys the pool.   Steston is a smart, intelligent boy that loves people and wants everyone to love and hug him. 

Training Continues

Steston has had a great week.  His training is awesome.  He does all his commands once given, plus he has learned a new command "Lap".  You place him in 'Sit' and say 'Lap'.  He'll place one paw gently on your knee, then the other paw, then sit & wait for praise.  This command is used in the CCI program there as well.   

Steston has become a wonderful obedient buddy.   

Training Continues

Steston has become a play toy addict, and one of his favorites is a tennis ball. For the last few days and in the future, his trainer will be working on teaching him to obey his commands while he is playing.  When he is obedient, he is rewarded with a play toy. 

He is awesome, he does stairs and walks very nicely beside you.  When he is told to wait, he does, up to 2 minutes now.  He also knows "shake".  He is very friendly and is always loving.  His trainer puts a lot of time into socializing him so that he will not be afraid to be alone, and he is not. 

Inside, he becomes a "couch potato"', outside, he's full of energy.  And his big brown eyes will melt your heart.

Training Updates

Steston has became the Sweetheart of the handlers.  They are all wanting to steel him for his loving tender, hugs and kisses.  Steston has learned a new command "shake".  Yes he is awesome, inside the home he's your relaxed, snuggly, buddy, and he's very well behaved.  Outside, he's full of play and energy with all different toys.  He loves the pool and slashes in it with his ball. 

Steston is obient to his handler when told or given a direct command.  He knows sit, stay, wait,  heel advance, and will stay until released (up to 1 minute, working on 2).  He is loving and smart. 

Training Continues

Steston is a true boy, just full of play and play.  He loves the pool and makes lots and lots of splashes.  He is very loving, and looking into his eyes takes your heart away.  Steston listens well and obeys his commands.  He doesn't like loud noises so they are working on music, banging, and other loud sounds.  So far, he's getting it. 

During his training last week, he did all his commands on time and was rewarded with a special treat inside his Kong.  He is learning the thrill of playing with balls and toys.  Steston is the most cuddly, and loving buddy you can have.     

Training Updates

Spackler has a new name, it's Steston.  Steston has slowly come out of his shell this week.  He has shown that he is very smart. He has signs of playfulness and does all of his commands.  He can stay, wait, and down, but needs a little more work on sit.  On Saturday, he ran and played with the other dogs three different times and played with his trainer some too. 

Steston is a very sweet loving boy with a need to smile.  He loves water and will search for the pool.  Steston doen't get in a hurry, his attitude is "Alright, I'm coming".   His trainer is so excited about working with him.   She plans to give him "a special world full of excitement", and I'm sure she will.