A Funny!

Last night while incidently watching The Hangover Part II, dear Layla became quite entranced with the monkey in the movie.  During one scene, the drug dealing monkey went "ape" on everyone, jumping around and screaming at the top of it's lungs. 

Layla immediately jumped to her feet looking around for "the thing" that was making all that noise.  She looked at the TV screen, up and down, and even behind it!  All to no avail - there was not a live monkey in the house - thank goodness!!

If I happen to have that movie on again and have my Flip video camera out and about, I'll be sure to get her reaction on film.  It was quite comical, to say the least, well, for me, but quite disappointing to her, I'm sure!

Life in Florida!

This is Layla and I'm in my new foster home. I had a great time traveling from the prison to my foster home. I've got a foster sister named Penny who is helping me adjust to home life. It took me a few days to calm down because there are so many new things I've never seen. I'm a very curious girl and have tried to checkout everything in the house. My favorite place's are the kitchen, my own bed and a great back yard. My curiosity has gotten me in a bit of trouble but I'm getting better.

I have a nice neighborhood and have some great places to walk. I still pull a little while walking but am getting better. My foster parents had to put away all the stuffy toys because I've been getting carried away with them (but they taste so good) so my foster parents don't want me getting sick on them. I've been practicing some of my commands so bed, crate and heel are used quite often. I did meet some children and just loved them.  Ok so much for now but I'll be writing soon!


Voyage has had an excellent week.  Monday she played with her toys, worked on commands, and in the afternoon she went with another inmate trainer to school.  Tuesday, more training where she performed all of her commands (down, stay, here, heel, bed, stairs, wait, kennel), of course, with treats!!  She still won't sit though.  This is been an ongoing problem area for her since Day 1.  She will sometimes do her commands with no treats but most of the time, a little encouragement is needed!!

Her trainers are very proud of the progress she has made since arriving at the prison back in March.  She will be sorely missed by all who knew her at prison but they all wish her the very best as she starts a new chapter in her life!!


Voyage is one busy girl. She goes to work in the morning and school in the evenings. She is a perfect angel and not disruptive in any way. She gets excited when it is playtime outside and loves to chase a squeaky ball. Her trainer threw her two balls at once and she couldn't make up her mind which one to pick up first, she is too cute! She has learned of all her basic commands and would love to be a well behaved member of a forever home.


Voyage is just precious. She loves everyone and brings joy to everyone she encounters. She is approachable, friendly, and welcoming with her human encounters and has no stranger danger issues. She is doing great on her commands and as a reward she had some major play time. When she got hot and had enough she climbed into the pool to cool off. She is working hard to find a place to call home and will make a great addition to someone's life.


Voyage is one busy girl. She goes to school and works in the library. She is quite the multitasker and is able to do all of these activities and stay on track with her training. She must be a type "A" personality with all of her energy, drive, and organization skills. She is very social and does not have any issues adjusting to new environments, people, or noises. She is currently looking for a long term commitment and this girl won't stay unattached for long.


Voyage is fearless. She has no problems with crowds or noises. She loves attention and will let anyone love on her. She is going to school with her trainer and is very well behaved in class. She is very observant and curious, and will perk up to a new sight, sound, or smell. She does great with other greyhounds but tries to intimidate the labs and puppies.


Voyage is a very curious young lady. She loves to explore the outside and is still trying to figure out what the CCI dogs (labs) are. She has no aggression toward them just curiosity. She likes to play with her toys and shows no aggression while playing with them. She is very friendly, outgoing, and has exhibited no fear. She loves attention and will come up for hugs from anyone.