Training Updates

Gypsy knows all of her commands, but she doesn't work for free, she expects a treat.  At the weekend switch, she did her commands very well, and was extremely lovable. 

Gypsy continues to play well with other dogs.  She loves to play with toys, but doesn't have a problem sharing.  Her trainer says that Gypsy is so non-aggressive, that she can stick her face in Gypsy's bowl while she's eating, and all it does is make her eat faster.  So funny!


Training Continues

Gypsy has been doing great.  She gets bored easily and likes spending time in her kennel.  She was introduced to raw hide this week.  The trainers sit with them and will hold the bone while they chew.  About every 5 minutes, the trainer will get the dog to release it.  Gypsy released her's reluctantly at first, but is getter better.  Later she will let Gypsy have the bone by herself.

Gypsy obeys her commands and will stay and wait for her food.  This week her trainer will be working on teaching her to speak.

Training Continues

Gypsy is an absolute pleasure, she gets nothing but compliments on her personality.  Everyone loves her and she gets along great with the people there and the other dogs.  She knows all of her commands and does them well.  She is a smart dog and knows how to shake hands and front. They are working on lap and will start on visit this week. 

She got a bath this week and her trainer brushed her until she was dry.  She loves being groomed and doesn't even mind getting her ears cleaned.  Her trainer plays with her feet all the time and she's okay with that, she just loves being touched.


Training Continues

Gypsy is very good at her commands.  They have been working on stay and that is the toughest one for her to learn.  They are also working on shaking hands and lap, and she knows how to give kisses.  Loud noises don't seem to phase her at all, but if she sees something new that hasn't been around before, she is wary of it.  She gets along well with other dogs. 

Gypsy likes the squeaky toys and her favorite is a ball, preferably a tennis ball.  She is a thief, just like half the dogs there.  She steals others toys, but she also shares.  She will share the water bowl at rec.  She is an absolute pleasure.