It's been a real blessing training with such a wonderful greyhound. Quick n Dead has so much love to share and is always so loving and gentle. Quick n Dead enjoys lying on the floor getting lots of tender love and care. He will also do just about anything for a good treat. Quick n Dead is an active playful boy, occasionally a little nervous in new situations but quickly gets over it when told it's OK. He has a heart of gold.


Quick n Dead is the happiest dog. His personality has really come out and he's doing great. Every morning he greets everyone and wags his tail non-stop. His confidence has improved enormously since he first arrived and was so unsure of everything. This boy loves to play fetch and when he brings the toy or ball back, just say drop and he will drop it at your feet. If the toy squeaks, he likes it that much more!


Quick n Dead is doing great! He is such an obedient hound and knows all his commands. He is a little slower responding sometimes and is practicing down, stay and wait to speed up his response, but he always follows through and does whatever you ask of him. Quick n Dead has done fabulously working with his handler in overcoming his occasional fears of shadows and shiny floors. The dorm residents have been walking him round the dorm, which has really worked well with his confidence. This sweet boy is a very loving, gentle grey with so much love to offer. He has never shown any hint of aggression whatsoever. He loves to run and play fetch with his toys. He also enjoys a nice back massage. This gentle boy responds wonderfully to gentle handling and will take all the love you can give him.


Quick n Dead spent time ths past weekend with a new alternate handler. She found him amazing and says he'll make an excellent pet and companion. Both days they spent time outside, playing with the Cuz ball he loves. He's a good heel walker and a free-spirited boy. He's not really interested in the labs and just wants to play and chill in the yard. He does fabulously on his commands and is overcoming most of his issues. He's no longer unsure as he was when he arrived. This boy is a big baby and loves to be petted; he will lie in your lap for hours if you let him. He's very well-loved and popular in the dorm and is one of the the best greys his handler has trained. He's going to make a very good pet.


Quick n Dead loves everyone. He loves to be hugged. He does great with other dogs. This friendly, outgoing boy is very active and playful. He can climb stairs without difficulty and has done well in his training, with just more practice now needed to speed up some of his responses. This hound is loving and gentle around everyone. He's always well-behaved and does everything that you ask of him. He is fine with being groomed, though he hates baths! Quick n Dead has come a long way from when he first arrived in Gadsden. His level of trust and comfort has increased so very much. He started off shying away from attention but now loves every bit of loving and attention he can get and gives so much back. He's a great dog.


Quick n Dead has the most amazing personality his handler has ever seen. He's such a very loving and always gentle dog. He does well around the compound and at rec - only sometimes gets nervous if he sees shadows on the gym floor but his handler is working on that and has had good results working with him on his foibles. Quick n Dead knows all his basic commands. He is a bit slower with sit, down, stay and shake, but he will follow through. This boy loves to play off leash on the dog field; he's so much fun when he's running around with his rope toy.


RWC Quick n Dead is doing great. He addresses his fears and overcomes them. He didn't like the brightly painted ball image in the middle of the gym floor at first but now walks over it and even does his commands on top of it. This boy has learned to sit, and knows bed and advanced heel well. He went across the compound to the canteen with his handler and did really well, even doing his commands while there. He's so much fun to watch when he plays off leash. He also loves rope toys. He did really well next door when he spent time with an alternate handler. Everyone loves him and thinks he's so well mannered! Quick n Dead has a great personality and is a very loving and gentle hound.


Quick n Dead is so much better with sudden movements now and no longer flinches or pulls back. He's relaxing so much more now that he's been in his new home for a couple of weeks. He's starting to do his commands - working on sit and bed - and is doing well. He's a very loving greyhound, always wanting attention. He lets everyone pet and love on him. He also gets along well with all the other dogs. Quick n Dead spent a night next door this past week and did great. Everyone loves him and says how sweet a boy he his.


RWC Quick n Dead is beginning to settle in. Though still sometimes cautious with sudden movements, he lets everyone pet him and love him and walks from person to person seeking attention. First day off leash he didn't play on the field, but on his second day he played a lot and had so much fun. He was a totally different dog running around. He's doing well on his commands. He waits at every door, sometimes stopping at doorways before his handler tells him to. This boy is so handsome and very loving and always gentle. He's going to be such a great pet.

3/10/13 - First impressions

RWC Quick n Dead is a very handsome dog with a great personality and he loves to be loved and petted. He will also gaze into your eyes! He arrived a little unsure of his surroundings and didn't want to eat, but his handler has been working him through his adjustment with good results and when he finally decided to have a meal, he really enjoyed it a lot! He has no problems with being bathed or groomed and loves to be hugged. Quick n Dead loves people and does well with all dogs, large and small. He's started training to walk to heel and is doing great. He's a very sweet boy.