Words cannot describe how Rey has progressed over these 9 weeks, say his handlers.  They are so very proud of him and all of his improvements.  People he might have shied away from he’s now affectionate with - doing his commands for them and giving out kisses.  He really just loves everybody.  His handlers say that his new family is receiving an amazing dog, who will truly be missed by everyone.  He is so very loved.


Rey Mysterio has had a good week!  He did a wonderful job when the commands were reviewed and his handlers were so proud of him. He spent plenty of time with other contacts this week in different activities and did really well, walking with them, attending their classes and responding to commands from them.   His handlers have fun playing with him with his toys. This boy is not only making his handlers proud, but they say that more than anything he is so easy to love.  


Rey Mysterio continues to progress well and brings joy to everybody that he is around. His trainers say he has a goofy personality and you can’t help but smile when you see him. Over the last two weeks, he has worked with the alternates and other handlers and has done outstandingly well with all of them.

Rey is an active dog and he goes outside as much as possible. His trainers say his new family will be getting a wonderful dog, who will bring love and joy to his forever home. He will be truly missed.


Rey Mysterio has had a great week. He went with two of his alternates, each for a couple of days. They both took him to the rec, walked him, and worked on his commands. He knows all of his commands with kibble, but his trainers need to work more with him so he does them without kibble.

He spent the weekend working on his commands with no kibble, walking the big field at rec and, his favorite, lounging in the pool.

Rey Mysterio is a very loving dog. Everyone who spends time with him ends up loving him and saying he is their favorite dog.


Rey Mysterio is coming along great, and this past week has started to get used to his sit/stay and down/stay commands. He knows the hand signals but needs to do better with the verbals. His handlers are also training him to be less possessive with his toys when an unfamiliar handler comes up to him.

He was outside again a lot this week, and just loves to lounge in the kiddie pool. His trainers say he is a wonderful dog with a great heart and a good spirit. He has no problem with being bathed, having his ears cleaned, or his nails clipped, and he loves hugs. 

Rey Mysterio is a very friendly and outgoing dog and loves the other inmates. He has no separation anxiety and no problems with being approached while eating.


Rey Mysterio continues to do well, and now he knows his commands, the focus is on getting him to do them for praise rather than treats!  Some days he does great, and other days he seems to be asking where the kibble is. He is doing much better with his heel walking and hardly pulls at all with his trainers. And of course he then loves to cool down in the pool.

He is still a little wary of the CCI labs, but doesn’t create any problems. He is a very loving dog, but a little excitable on greetings, so his trainers are working on that. His commands include lap, shake and kiss and he’s really mastered kiss: loves to kiss his handlers, sometimes without even being told to do so.  Everyone who spends time with Rey Mysterio absolutely loves him.


Rey Mysterio has had another great week. He had his first contact with the alternate trainers, and both of them commented on how much fun he was, and what a personality he has, such a happy boy and quite comical.

Rey Mysterio loves going outside and playing with the other greys, and he takes long walks with his trainers. He had a tendency to pull when first walking but walks great on the leash now. He has made a big improvement this last week with his commands, and now knows his sit, down, here, bed, and kennel commands well; he’s a really fast learner.  His trainers say he is doing great and is a lot of fun.


Rey Mysterio has had a great week.  He's learning to sit without treats and is also working on his heel walking. This last week, he has had daily walks around the rec area and when he was off leash, he had the best time, playing with CTW Marianna, followed by a dip in the pool.  He played so well with Marianna, easy, without any problems.  He has also worked on his sit, down, and heel commands and has mastered here. He loves the pool, and shares well with the other greyhounds. He does well in the classroom, and lies down without any problem.

Rey Mysterio's tail is always wagging and he loves to give kisses. He gets excited easily, but calms just as easily. He is very smart and picks up on things quickly.


Rey Mysterio has adapted well to his new surroundings, and the whole dorm is in love with his outgoing personality and loving spirit. He is a great kisser and his tail never stops wagging.  This last week, he has gone everywhere with his trainers, and finds every new thing so exciting. Once he has sniffed around the surroundings, he will just plop down on the floor and sleep.

After he has walked around a while outside at rec., Rey will go straight to the pool and jump right in. He absolutely loves the water and doesn’t mind at all sharing the pool with the others.  Rey has already started to respond to several commands and is also catching on well with the sit command. His trainers say he will be a great dog for his forever family.