Laid back Rebel Soldier is doing well. He's been socialized with Doodlebug, the white poodle and has been good around the labs, as long as they are polite! Soldier loves to play and really enjoys the squeaky Cuz balls. After a good walk, he likes to get into the kiddie pool or be squirted with the hose. This boy learns quickly and has been one of the best dogs his handler has trained. He has a wonderful personality with people, loves attention and always seems happy. He'll make a good pet for his forever family.


Everyone loves Rebel Soldier. He's very sweet and is a calm boy who responds to calmness in others. He does all of his commands and is a quick learner. A calm and sweet but firm approach is effective with him. He lets his handler do anything to him - brush his teeth, clean his ears and bathe him. He gets brushed daily. This boy walks at least 2 miles a day. He loves to play with toys and with other dogs, though he won't play with rough dogs. Soldier vIsits a neighboring dorm a lot and socializes. He does great and is popular with everyone in the dorms.


Rebel Soldier is doing well. He's very playful and loves squeaky toys and balls. In addition to time in his handler's dorm, he gets a lot of extra practice socializing in the dorm next door. He was introduced there to a female poodle this week called Doodlebug and he liked her! He's also around the labradors sometimes and does fine with them. He's been a bit unsure of a couple of the officers, but has settled when they've walked him. This boy does a great sit/stay and down/stay. His handler can walk away from him in either position, then come back and reward him before he'll move. He does look for his reward! He goes on walks daily and when he's had enough, he just purposefully heads back in the direction of a gate or door! Rebel Soldier is a very good, always calm dog. He really likes being brushed and rubbed. His handler talks to him a lot and really enjoys him so much.


Rebel Soldier loves his kibble rewards for his commands and his handler is now gradually weaning him off them. He is a smart hound and will do his commands anywhere. He's getting plenty of exercise, walking 2 to 3 miles a day, and then enjoys the kiddie pool afterwards! This boy likes calmness and is very laid back, even when playing, though he's been vocal a couple of times. He has a way of stealing your heart and gets lots of affection from everyone. He's wonderful, says his handler; her best dog.


Rebel Soldier learns quickly and is doing well on his commands. Some of his responses are a little slower, but he will do his commands anywhere with treats. He does a great sit/stay and down/stay. He also climbs stairs without any problem. He loves to play with toys and to take walks. Afterwards he really enjoys time in the kiddie pool. This laid back boy gets along with other dogs and likes to play with them, though not if they're rough. He loves plenty of affection and will let you do anything to him. He's fine with hugs and will move on when he's done! Rebel Soldier spends some nights as sleepovers in a next door dorm and does well there. He also does great spending time in the office with a couple of male staff members. This boy responds to gentleness and is always a sweetheart. 


Rebel Soldier is very laid back. He's the type of dog whose attitude is "whatever, let's do it!" He gets along with all the dogs, CCI and Easter Seal included. He's just so calm all the time. Soldier loves affection and allows his handler to do anything to him, brush teeth, clip nails or clean his ears. He loves to play gently with toys and retrieve them for his handler. He goes to vet-tech classes two evenings a week where he just finds himself a corner and lies down for the whole time. This boy is smart, does well with hs training and really does great stays. At the moment, kibble is still being used to practice. Rebel Soldier enjoys affection and is very sweet. 


Rebel Soldier is very smart. Once he learns something, he puts his all into it. As well as being proficient at wait, here and bed, he now does really well with his sit/stay and down/stay commands. He does them with a kibble reward at the moment, but he will stay forever if he knows he's going to get a reward! His handler is going to work him more without kibble. This big, gentle hound is always so sweet, and everyone loves him. His handler enjoys him a lot. He gets along with all the dogs, CCI and Easter Seals. He does well in any environment. This is a good dog!


Soldier is a wonderful dog. He's always calm and likes lots of affection. He loves everyone he meets. This smart hound learns quickly. He knows sit, down, wait, here, bed, heel and stairs. He's now being trained on sit stay and down stay. He loves to retrieve squeaky toys when his handler throws them for him. He brings them back and drops them when told "give." Soldier is very gentle at releasing toys and also takes treats very gently when offered. He walks two or three miles a day. He also spends quality time just lying on his pallet and relaxing, watching TV with his handler. And if he's tired, no matter what, he will lie down and rest, letting nothing around him bother him at all!


Rebel Soldier is a good dog. He has a calm personality and nothing seems to scare him. He loves everyone he meets and gets on great with the other greyhounds as well as the CCI labs. He's almost at the point of sitting without help and does a good heel, stairs and wait. He will try to pull going through a doorway or gate and his handler just makes him do it again and he does it right! He goes to school with both of his handlers and settles easily; he would lie down in the middle of a party without any trouble, according to his handler! He takes long walks daily and enjoys a dip in the pool at the end. This boy is really sweet and has the best personality. He loves attention and is like a big baby.

First Impressions - 5/19/13

Rebel Soldier loves dogs and people. A good-natured boy, he's very calm and laid back, though he gets excited at the sound of a squeakie toy. Soldier loves his head to be rubbed and has a waggy tail when people are around. He lets you handle him in any way without any problems and being bathed and groomed doesn't bother him; he seems to really enjoy having his ears cleaned. This hound's personality is very sweet and loving.