Sara did well on final evaluation. She does her commands very well and loves to bow for you and gives great kisses. Out in the recreation area she works on the jump tables and obstacle courses. This girl listens well and is smart. The way that Sara has touched the women's hearts in the prison is unbelievable. She is incredibly sweet, cute, petite and adorable. She will be missed and loved forever.


Sara did all her basic commands without treats in her assessment. She does awesomely in her training. Her handler's focus this past week has been to make her really proficient at the wait command and Sara has really done well. Sweet, loving, with a little shy streak, Sara has never shown any aggression, not even a growl, towards another dog or person. She does great with all of the other dogs, CCI and Easter Seals. This girl has come such a long way since she arrived at the compound. She's just great.


Sara has really come a long way and this has been yet another productive week for her. She is doing really well on her commands. Her handlers have been working daily on her wait and stay and seeing good results from this smart girl. With her daily exposure to the horticulture area and the rec area as she spends time with her two handlers, she's really benefited from the different environments. Though occasionally still timid when she hears loud noises, she is so much less so than when she arrived. She is doing great and is an awesome dog who is going to make her forever family really happy.


Sara loves to loved and will follow you anywhere. Her alternate handler had a wonderful experience looking after her this weekend. This little girl is doing excellently on her commands and socialization. She's made such a tremendous change in her shyness and interacting with other greys. She loves to train and is a good listener who responds really well. She enjoys roaming around the dorm visiting people. Over the course of each day she gets 2 to 3 miles of walking. This hound has a thing about smelling everything and she loves to be out in the fresh air. She's friendly, sweet, fun and loving and adored by everyone.


Sara is such a delight to their world at Gadsden. Her sweetness and cute little demeanor bring smiles and love to the residents' hearts. With two handlers, she adjusts well to the different environments she's exposed to and enjoys exploring different sights and smells. She such a friendly little hound and loves the staff and residents. Sara listens well, is very smart and learns quickly. She walks daily and her wait and heel responses are great. She will now go down the stairs slowly. Though she she doesn't engage in the lively play with other dogs, she is interested nonetheless and enjoys pack-walking with them. She's also started playing with squeaky toys now. Her handlers enjoy Sara to the fullest. She will make an excellent companion.


Sara has a very sweet personality. She loves the Easter Seal rescue dogs and the lab pups and is great with them. She's also coming out of her shell more and more, starting to play with toys and show interest in the other greys. This girl is a quick learner and smart when it comes to her training. She's very food driven, so training is exciting and rewarding for her! However, she can do all her basic commands without kibble. She walks well and listens well, too. She enjoys exercising and working the obstacle courses and jump tables. She's spent time with alternate handlers and adjusts well around the compound. Sarah is well-loved and residents wait for her to come in at the end of the day. She has brought smiles, compassion and love to these women's worlds.


Sara explored going into the baby pool this past week and likes the water. This very sweet and friendly girl, though shy at times, gets on great with everyone and gets excited meeting people. She socializes well in the dorm and is very curious, sniffing everything. She steers clear of any of the more boisterous play amongst the hounds. She loves being on her blanket when it's covered with different toys to choose from. This girl learns quickly and already knows sit, here, heel, bed, wait and kennel well. She's still resisting going down stairs, so that's an area her trainer is focusing on. She's the sweetest girl to train. She loves to bow for you and listens when you call her. Sara is adorable and has brought so much love and happiness to the dorm.


Sarah has progressed well this week. She does well with split time over two dorms. Her trainers have been working on wait and heel with her this week. Though she can be timid with sudden movements or very loud noises, she has done fine walking and doing her commands in the noisy recreation periods in the gym. This girl is adorable and lovable. She's a quick learner and very smart. She loves to bow for you on command! Sara also loves to be outside, exploring her surroundings. She loves to smell. Everyone loves her and her sweet little character. She's brought them all compassion and the pleasure of having this joyful girl in their lives.


Sara is a very sweet and friendly little girl. Both handlers enjoy the way she touches their hearts. Sara lives in two different dorms and has adjusted well to both; she loves to wander around the dorms to be petted. Though she's not comfortable with loud shouting or sudden movements, she isn't fearful with anybody. This girl loves exercise and gets plenty of walking around the track field. She wags her tail when she sees the other types of dogs on the compound - hasn't had a chance to play with them yet. Training is coming along well. She responds well to sit and her heel and wait responses are great. She's a super smart girl. With one handler working in the rec area and the other in horticulture, she gets plenty of socialization and is well loved. She's going to make a great pet.

3/10/13 - First impressions

This week, says this sweet hound's handler, she was blessed with Sara. She's only had her for 3 days, but so far this tiny, precious girl has been awesome. Sara doesn't seem to be scared of anything. On Saturday she walked a lot outside and had a great time. She has gotten along well with every dog she's met on the compound and she loves people, too, going right up to them, tail wagging, to be petted. Sara is very sweet and very loving. When you talk to her, her little tail wags and she lays her head on your lap. She's a joy.