Oakland Crystal’s handlers are so very proud of her accomplishments.  And she is so much fun!  She knows all her commands (a little kibble still helps sometimes!).  Crystal is walking very well on leash and has improved hugely in entering her kennel.  Her handlers are going to miss her but are happy she’s going home to be loved by the family that adopted her.  She is going to make you very happy, they say!


Oakland Crystal’s handler says she doesn’t even know where to begin when she thinks of her.  She is such a happy dog with more energy than you can imagine.  She’s come a long way since she arrived at the prison a couple of months ago.  She knows her commands and is responsive to instructions.  Though she can do commands with and without kibble, she still responds more immediately when kibble is involved (!), so her handlers are weaning her off that.  They will be sad when she goes.


Oakland Crystal is very smart and doing well with her training and commands. She is showing improvement when walking on leash and entering her kennel.

Everyone loves her so much, and wherever she goes she is showered with attention and praise. 

Every morning she wakes up full of energy and excitement for the new day. Oakland Crystal has had a good week and her trainers are very proud of her.


Oakland Crystal’s handlers say it is a blessing to have the opportunity to work with this spunky little girl. She is so sweet and full of life, and loves her belly being rubbed.

She shows no signs of aggression over toys or food and is full of energy and love. She needs a little more training walking on the leash, but she listens well and is a fast learner.

Her handlers’ say that they love her so much, and that she is going to bring so much joy to her new owners.


Everyone who has met Oakland Crystal has fallen in love with her. This last week she ran off leash with no muzzle for the first time, and she ran and ran laps. She was so happy, and afterwards lay in the kiddie pool with a big smile.

Crystal is still not totally comfortable with stairs, but in other respects is doing well. She is a good eater, is friendly and outgoing as well as playful, although calms easily. She has no problem with her teeth, ears, and nails being attended to, and is good with other dogs. Last week a small dog licked her face (muzzled), and she just wagged her tail. She also has no separation anxiety.


Oakland Crystal is doing great on her commands - currently practicing her sit and down without treats. She‘s still getting used to stairs but her heel walking is definitely improving. This girl can get a little distracted when a lot is going on around her, and her trainer is working on this as well. 

She doesn’t like the rain, yet she loves the pool and really enjoys cooling down by having the hose played on her!  Other loves include kibble and toys.  Oakland Crystal is making a lot of friends with her loving, trusting heart and smiles.


Oakland Crystal has spent a lot of time this past week with her secondary trainer and has gone to school with her and learnt to sit or lie down calmly there. Playing with toys, being in the pool and bobbng for kibble remain her favorite pastimes!  No problems at breakfast and dinner: her trainer says she is one hungry girl and has a great appetite.

This week has been focussed on heel walking and getting comfortable with stairs. She knows her sit, heel, bed, and wait commands well.

Oakland Crystal is a great girl, and everyone wants to take her out and have fun with her - she’s much loved by all.


Oakland Crystal has really bonded with her trainer, and has been doing well with her heel, walking, and wait. She is still being scooped on sit, but now only gently, and is doing well with the here command.  Her trainer says she is a pleasure to work with, and really puts her all into pleasing you.

She loves to play with toys and has a particular favorite squeaky toy. She also loves to bob for kibble, either in the pool or water bowl. She puts her whole nose under and makes bubbles. Her trainer thinks she is so cute when she does this. She can be petted while she eats and her trainer can put her hand in the food bowl with no concerns. 

Oakland Crystal was really social hanging out with the other greyhounds when they all got together in the breezeway and she made sure to say hi to every single person there as well.  She's a blast.  


Oakland Crystal is a very loving girl and adores people, always wagging her tail. She wants her chest and belly to be rubbed at every opportunity, rolling over to be petted. She is fine with hugs and kisses and has shown no signs of aggression, even when her trainer puts her hand in her food bowl.

Her heel, here, and wait commands are coming along, and she is doing great with the sit command, responding without hesitation.