Oh my, Sadie is so going to be missed by her inmate trainer.  She is such a great dog and she has truly come such a long way since her arrival at the prison.  Her inmate trainer is very proud of her!!  She knows all of her commands (sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed, stairs, wait, kiss, lap, back, and tell me) and is more obedient (and less stubborn).  From the beginning she has been happy and outgoing.  She does know the word "No" so don't be afraid to use it!!  Sadie corrects very easily and is eager to please.  She loves toys and to play off leash.  She is a very curious dog who likes to know what's going on around her at all times.  She gets long well with others and enjoys playing with the other Greyhounds.  Her inmate trainer says she is certain she can hardly wait to go home on Thursday and meet her new family.  Happy retired life Sadie!!