Oh my, Sadie is so going to be missed by her inmate trainer.  She is such a great dog and she has truly come such a long way since her arrival at the prison.  Her inmate trainer is very proud of her!!  She knows all of her commands (sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed, stairs, wait, kiss, lap, back, and tell me) and is more obedient (and less stubborn).  From the beginning she has been happy and outgoing.  She does know the word "No" so don't be afraid to use it!!  Sadie corrects very easily and is eager to please.  She loves toys and to play off leash.  She is a very curious dog who likes to know what's going on around her at all times.  She gets long well with others and enjoys playing with the other Greyhounds.  Her inmate trainer says she is certain she can hardly wait to go home on Thursday and meet her new family.  Happy retired life Sadie!!


Sadie has such a big personality, she lights up the room. She definitely never goes unnoticed. She is very playful and goofy. She is always happy and tends to want to be a part of everything. She does great with everyone and is very lovable. Watching this girl run will take your breath away. She is just beautiful. She is doing great with her training. Her favorite toy is her bunny, she takes it with her everywhere that she can. She can't wait to bring love and joy to her new family.


Sadie is quite the happy girl. She knows all of her commands and is enjoying the extra playtime. She and Bar Moore have become good friends and they love to chase each other on the recreation field. She is so cute with her antics and loves to smile. She has a new trick to share with her forever home...if you say "tell me" she will let out a little howl. This girl is ready to come home!


Sadie is such a spunky busy body; always looking for something going on around her. This girl doesn't miss a thing. She loves everyone and everything and is just so cute that you can't resist her charms. She is happy all of the time and is always ready and willing for love and playtime. She was playing fetch with tennis balls this week and tried to fit two in her mouth at the same time. What a goofy gal! This girl will be bringing love and entertainment to her new family.


Sadie has a big personality. She is so funny because when she comes in from her bathroom break she will howl to announce that she is back in case anyone missed her. She also is good at letting you know what she wants. When she is thirsty she will pull out her water bowl for her trainer to fill. She did great with going with other trainers for socializing and has no stranger danger. She is very excited to meet her new family and is working hard to make them proud.


Sadie had a great week and as a reward she had a bath outside in the sun. She loves the water and gets frisky when being dried off with a towel. This is one social butterfly. She craves attention from everyone. She is so happy that she hasn't stopped wagging her tail yet. She can't wait to see her family and is working very hard on her training so that she can make them proud!


Sadie (Crusade) is responding well to her name her adoptive family has given her. She is a very happy, friendly, and loving dog. If you make eye contact with her her tail starts wagging and she won't stop until you give her some love and affection. This dog is really enjoying her training and is eager to learn the commands. She loves toys and her bunny is her favorite. She has no toy aggression and will even let other dogs play with her toys. Sadie plays and shares well with others...A+!