Blaze Has Been Sprung

Yes, as the heading indicates, Blaze has been sprung from prison. He was released on May 31st along with nine of his bestest friends.  Most have gone to their forever homes and are acclimating well.  Blaze spent his first weekend of freedom at Ms. Kate's place, Manyhounds Inn, in Canton.  He had a great time, I heard.  Here he is in the dark of the night getting sniffed up by another Greyhound at "camp". 

All has been well at my home with my three Greyhound girls.  He is the best boy and knows his commands without any hesitation.  We are working on his approach to my food as he really hasn't ever been around people cooking and eating before.  The Greyhounds at the prison are not allowed in the cafeteria and food isn't allowed in the dorms so this is all new to him.  A quick "No" and the command "bed" and he goes to a dog bed to lay down. 

He is very good and very smart and I might add, a very good looking dog!  Just beautiful.  I promise to get some pictures of him soon!!