Blaze Has Been Sprung

Yes, as the heading indicates, Blaze has been sprung from prison. He was released on May 31st along with nine of his bestest friends.  Most have gone to their forever homes and are acclimating well.  Blaze spent his first weekend of freedom at Ms. Kate's place, Manyhounds Inn, in Canton.  He had a great time, I heard.  Here he is in the dark of the night getting sniffed up by another Greyhound at "camp". 

All has been well at my home with my three Greyhound girls.  He is the best boy and knows his commands without any hesitation.  We are working on his approach to my food as he really hasn't ever been around people cooking and eating before.  The Greyhounds at the prison are not allowed in the cafeteria and food isn't allowed in the dorms so this is all new to him.  A quick "No" and the command "bed" and he goes to a dog bed to lay down. 

He is very good and very smart and I might add, a very good looking dog!  Just beautiful.  I promise to get some pictures of him soon!!


Neil has had a bit of a rough week due to extra commotion going on in the dorm and such.  He tends to prefer a quieter environment with less loud noises.  He is a very calm, fun and easy going dog who deserves his own home and family to love. 

While in prison he has learned all of his basic commands including sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, kiss and lap. 

His inmate trainer says he has come a long way since his first day and she is very proud of his achievements and wishes him the best in his new home!!


Neil is becoming quite the heart breaker. He likes to strut his confident self around the compound. He is a playful guy and enjoys playing and exercising with the other greyhounds. He now thinks he is a retriever and loves to play fetch. His favorite night-time ritual is a good brushing to keep his teddy bear fur looking fabulous. He has learned all of his commands and is ready for a forever home.


Neil is a big teddy bear. His fur is so soft and plush that you can't help but pet him. He is very mild mannered and even when he is off lead at the fenced field he prefers to stick close to his trainer. He loves to jog with a partner and actually prances quite gracefully. He has learned all of his basic commands and is just working on polishing the finished product. He would love to find his forever home soon.


Neil is a foodie and will do just about anything for a reward. He is very smart and is learning his commands quickly, but he definitely looks for his treat when he is done. This charmer continues to woo all the ladies. He loves to flirt with all females regardless of species. He loves to play with squeaky toys and will keep himself quite entertained. Neil is currently looking for his forever home so he is working very hard to excel in his training.


Neil is a very social guy. He loves the other greyhounds and the CCI labs. He just loves to play and be part of a group. He loves attention and is approachable by all. He is a toy monger and gets very excited at playtime. He has a great temperament and is a very happy boy. He is naturally taking to his training and is doing great with his commands. Neil is currently looking for a long term commitment to share his life with.


Neil is quite the class clown. While he was learning to sit, he wasn't sure about slippery floors. He would sit but then would slowly slide into a down position as he wasn't quite sure how to position himself without sliding. He has now figured out the floors and the sliding has subsided. He loves to play with toys and his ears perk up with any squeaking noises, including the bathroom sink. He loves to petted, rubbed, and hugged preferably all at the same time.