Training Update - 091111

Mitch is doing beautifully!  He goes to work with his trainer everyday, and is a joy to spend the day with.  They walk the compound from garden to garden weeding and watering all of the plants.  Mitch roams around in all the gardens on his best behavior.  After working hard, they sit under a tree in the shade to cool down and relax.  Of course a belly rub helps at that point.  Mitch knows all of his commands, and has even learned "shake" and "lap".  They are now working on "easy" which tells Mitch to be gentle when taking toys from his trainer's hand.  He's catching on to that one pretty quick!  Mitch's trainer says he has such a fun, funny personality.  He is truly a beautiful boy, and she loves his energy.  He will make a wonderful, playful and loyal pet for anyone!