At Home with Mitch

Mitch is doing great in my home. He’s such a happy fellow & so eager to please that it’s like a game for him. He knows all of his commands & enthusiastically performs them.  He’s met the neighborhood dogs, big & small, and has been very sweet with them. Mitch does show interest in the outside kitties but does not get aggressive about pursuing them, I think he just wants to investigate them & a simple “let’s go” has him moving away without a 2nd look.  He is still a lot of puppy so a big yard & an active family with older kids would be ideal for him. He would enjoy the smaller kids (he’s met some in my neighborhood) but he gets so excited so easily that I worry about him knocking small ones over. He loves the “lap” command, I think it’s his favorite because he’s just so snuggly! All he wants is to be loved.