Mitch Is Quite The Gentleman

Mitch has got to be one of the easiest fosters around. He has had no potty accidents in the house, he mastered the stairs in a few easy bounds and a bouncing ball will keep him busy for a long time. He LOVES balls & will bring them back to me to include me in his playtime.  I got him a Good Cuz’ toy, a heavy rubber squeaky ball with feet & he has a great time with it; it’s his favorite toy. He wore out the squeaker in a matter of a few hours (hurray!). He had his first rawhide last night. Poor guy knew he wanted it but he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It didn’t take him long to figure it out & he spent 15-20 minutes happily chewing away. He tells me I’m the best foster-mom ever (with his super expressive eyes). Mitch has the biggest man-crush on my male hound, Pops. He follows Pops around & emulates him the best he can. Pops is a true southern gentleman so Mitch is learning from the best. He'll have the gentlemanly manners to go with his incredible good looks when he gets to his forever home.