Training Update - 092411

Mr. Mitch had a very busy week.  He attended new trainee try-out and interacted beautifully with the new potential handlers.  He has no problem performing his commands for anyone.  He's a very social guy, so the try-outs were right up his alley!  He enjoyed meeting all the new people, and they really enjoyed meeting him.  Mitch is a very active guy who lives to play.  Sometimes his trainer has to settle him down. He really gets into jumping, running, and playing and sometimes just gets a bit over excited.  Telling him "stop" seems to be working to settle him.

Mitch would do wonderful in a home with lots of active people and kids.  He would love to have a large yard to run and play in and certainly several kids who can keep up with him.  He is a very energetic, funny and loving boy!  Very inquisitive and of course smart as a whip!