A New Beginning

Mitch is looking for his new forever home due to no fault of his own. His family is moving back to their country. Mitch is the best pup and would likely do better in a home with other Greyhounds. He is healthy and does not act his age with daily romps in the backyard.

He is used to small children and has been around small dogs.

And he is definitely quite a gentleman - still!

Mitch Is Quite The Gentleman

Mitch has got to be one of the easiest fosters around. He has had no potty accidents in the house, he mastered the stairs in a few easy bounds and a bouncing ball will keep him busy for a long time. He LOVES balls & will bring them back to me to include me in his playtime.  I got him a Good Cuz’ toy, a heavy rubber squeaky ball with feet & he has a great time with it; it’s his favorite toy. He wore out the squeaker in a matter of a few hours (hurray!). He had his first rawhide last night. Poor guy knew he wanted it but he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It didn’t take him long to figure it out & he spent 15-20 minutes happily chewing away. He tells me I’m the best foster-mom ever (with his super expressive eyes). Mitch has the biggest man-crush on my male hound, Pops. He follows Pops around & emulates him the best he can. Pops is a true southern gentleman so Mitch is learning from the best. He'll have the gentlemanly manners to go with his incredible good looks when he gets to his forever home.

At Home with Mitch

Mitch is doing great in my home. He’s such a happy fellow & so eager to please that it’s like a game for him. He knows all of his commands & enthusiastically performs them.  He’s met the neighborhood dogs, big & small, and has been very sweet with them. Mitch does show interest in the outside kitties but does not get aggressive about pursuing them, I think he just wants to investigate them & a simple “let’s go” has him moving away without a 2nd look.  He is still a lot of puppy so a big yard & an active family with older kids would be ideal for him. He would enjoy the smaller kids (he’s met some in my neighborhood) but he gets so excited so easily that I worry about him knocking small ones over. He loves the “lap” command, I think it’s his favorite because he’s just so snuggly! All he wants is to be loved.

Training Update - 101011

Mitch's trainers say this last report is sad and happy all at the same time.  Mitch knows all of his commands very well.  He is full of energy and loves to run and play.  His favorite toy, by far, is balls.  He just loves them!  Being the young boy that Mitch is, he wants to play all the time.  His trainers say he is a wonderful, gentle boy and they have really enjoyed him.  They know he will do well where ever he goes.  He is a playful, loving, and loyal boy who will be missed.  You can't help but fall in love with the great spirit of this special guy!

Training Update - 092411

Mr. Mitch had a very busy week.  He attended new trainee try-out and interacted beautifully with the new potential handlers.  He has no problem performing his commands for anyone.  He's a very social guy, so the try-outs were right up his alley!  He enjoyed meeting all the new people, and they really enjoyed meeting him.  Mitch is a very active guy who lives to play.  Sometimes his trainer has to settle him down. He really gets into jumping, running, and playing and sometimes just gets a bit over excited.  Telling him "stop" seems to be working to settle him.

Mitch would do wonderful in a home with lots of active people and kids.  He would love to have a large yard to run and play in and certainly several kids who can keep up with him.  He is a very energetic, funny and loving boy!  Very inquisitive and of course smart as a whip!

Training Update 091811

Now what to do with Mitch to keep him happy, hmmm why not just have him socialize with both trainers doing different things! Go with one trainer to her horticulture job and get to walk and meet many different people. Go with the other trainer to the rec center for playtime so he does know the difference between work and play! You just have to keep this guy busy because he's so inquisitive. He learned the command under this week because he's done so well with his training. He knows well the following commands verbally and by hand signal: sit, down, stay, shake, bed, wait underand lap! He does verbal well on here and heel.

He did do great on the weekend swap and was the perfect gentleman. This boy will brighten up any lucky family but they do have to keep him busy, so come on people three weeks left!

Training Update - 091111

Mitch is doing beautifully!  He goes to work with his trainer everyday, and is a joy to spend the day with.  They walk the compound from garden to garden weeding and watering all of the plants.  Mitch roams around in all the gardens on his best behavior.  After working hard, they sit under a tree in the shade to cool down and relax.  Of course a belly rub helps at that point.  Mitch knows all of his commands, and has even learned "shake" and "lap".  They are now working on "easy" which tells Mitch to be gentle when taking toys from his trainer's hand.  He's catching on to that one pretty quick!  Mitch's trainer says he has such a fun, funny personality.  He is truly a beautiful boy, and she loves his energy.  He will make a wonderful, playful and loyal pet for anyone!

Training Update - 090411

Mitch’s trainer says it was a great week for her and her baby!  He has mastered the stairs, and is proficient with all of his other commands. Mitch has a new game he loves to play.  They call it "Bobbing for Kibble".  His trainer drops a couple of kibble into his water bowl and Mitch bobs in, snorting his nose and making bubbles.  Everyone laughs when they see him do it!  Mitch just bubbles over with personality.  He’s very gentle and loving, and is always full of energy.  They say this boy would be a great catch for anyone.  Especially an active family.


Training Update 082811

Now what do you say about a dog who knows all of his commands (even stay)? Mitch has made so much progress in such a short time, will stay while his trainer goes to the other side of the room then come on command! He loves to play with squeaky balls and is learning the fine art of gently taking them from your hand. Mitch also will put the ball down when he is told "OUT" so you see this is one smart fellow. This boy is a fun loving dog who (although excitable at times) will please you any way he can. Great family candidate!

Training Update - 082111

Mitch has really settled in to his new environment, and is doing very well.  He behaves very well when his trainer takes him with her to class.  He just lays down and chills.  He really loves going outside to play and especially loves the pool.  He runs over to it and jumps in to cool himself off.  So cute!

Mitch is a very fast learner, and has already learned to sit, down, bed, wait and heel.  They are currently working on stay.  He interacted this week with a CCI puppy and did very well.  He just laid down and went to sleep with the puppy just to the side of him.  His trainer says Mitch will make a wonderful pet and companion for anyone.

Training Update 081411

Mitch has adapted well to retirement as he seems to have his trainers wrapped around his paw! He's very easy to train and already knows "wait, bed and is doing well with sit." He loves getting praised so he'll do anything asked of him.

His trainers can't wait to get him outside so he can run and toss his beloved squeaky toys. Now he does love the ladies (greys that is) but actually he just loves everyone and everyone loves him. His trainers say he's going to be an easy student!