Sassy is an excellent dog. She's friendly and has the perfect balance of calm and personality that's rare to find in most dogs. She's easy to fall in love with and will steal your heart within the first few minutes of meeting her. Her handler will never forget this wonderful girl. Sassy loves people and accepts all types of affection without complaint. She's quick to learn, walks great without pulling now and loves to run after balls and play with Cuzes. She's a beautiful girl.


Sassy has many fans and followers on the compound and thrives on the attention. She's sweet, smart, playful and fun to be around. Sassy isn't one for long walks unless it's to a new, interesting place. She loves meeting people and is drawn to happy, exciting and engaging interaction. This girl is attentive to anyone who has her leash and has a commanding presence. She had two evaluations with the program supervisor and did very well. She does still look for treat rewards but is getting them less and less now - less kibble and a lot of praise. Sassy is a great dog. She is so full of love for anyone on two legs. Her family is going to fall in love with her.


Sassy gets sweeter every day. She came in very excitable and so nosy about everything and in her weeks at the facility she has made a 180 degree turn in her personality and how she pays attention. This girl has learned to listen a lot better. She's less crazy with squeaky toys, though new ones are still fun for her. She spends her days outside walking, training and chasing her favorite orange Cuz toy on the play field. She walks great on leash - such an improvement from her pulling at the beginning. At night she enjoys lying with her toys, being petted and cuddled. She has an excellent disposition toward people. Sassy is a great, loving dog who will keep a smile on your face all the time.


Sassy Girl has really improved with her commands this past week. She's a lot quicker now, with much better focus. Her handler is really proud of how she's doing. Her social calendar stays full with people wanting to take her. She goes to Vet Tech class regularly and the students adore her. She's great around people. Her handler will miss her dearly when she graduates, but knows that she will make a smooth transition to her new home and that her new family will fall head over heels in love with her just as everybody here has.


Sassy is perfectly named, says her handler, who refers to her as Sassy Pants. She is an absolute favorite around the facility and will be missed when she leaves; of the six females her handler has trained, she's the one she has enjoyed the most. This girl is a very proud and happy girl, great in all environments and allows people to do almost anything to her. She's progressing with her commands but can be stubborn and hold out for treats, especially when told to "kennel"! She walks so much better now on leash and her handler gives her plenty of walking practice. Sassy loves all forms of affection, including face to face contact. She really enjoys hanging out and playing with the other greyhounds and large dogs on the compound. Sassy is an overall GREAT dog, full of personality and lots of love.


Sassy has been getting plenty of exercise. She walks well on leash but the majority of her energy is spent playing off leash with toys. Balls and Kongs are her favorite to run after, but most of all she loves anything that squeaks. Training is good but slow - she can have a stubborn streak and still holds out for treats! She's improved on kennel and will begin learning shake this week. Sassy is very much the princess and loves attention - and of course everyone dotes on her. She is going to make an awesome pet and companion for the family that chooses to share their home with her.


Sassy Girl is so smart. She began straight sitting this last week and does a great sit/stay. She gets lots of exercise walking and playing off leash. She plays tirelessly and goes crazy over her squeaky toys. Sassy is fearless and adapts well wherever she goes in the compound. She is one of the favorite hounds in this group not only because of her beautiful markings but because of her fun, sweet and joyful demeanor in all her encounters with people and new places.


Sassy Girl is doing very well in all aspects of her training. She's now walking so much better on leash and listening well to her handler. She's a very smart hound and is responding well to sit (with occasional guidance) and down as well as her other commands. She knows here, stairs and wait well. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her both for her sweet disposition and her beautiful markings. She's going to make a fantastic addition to her new family's home.


Her handler falls more in love with MB Sassy Girl every day. She's so easy to care for, love and play with. The family who chooses to adopt her will make an excellent decision. This girl's walking on leash has improved and her handler says she corrects easily now. She's starting to learn sit and has been improving on bed, kennel and heel. Sassy is doing exceptionally well in all areas of her experience. She has become her handler's favorite female hound that she has trained. Her handler is very confident that this lovely girl's new family will find Sassy just as important and special as she does.

3/10/13 - First impressions

MB Sassy Girl came in tail wagging and it hasn't stopped yet! She is curious about everything and her nose works overtime to check things out. Her introductions to toys, food and treats and to other dogs have all gone well, with no sign of aggression. She's a great dog, full of personality and unconditional love for whoever is there to receive it. Everyone who has seen this precious little girl has fallen in love with her. Her unusual markings and sweet disposition make her stand out among her fellow hounds. She's done great in her first few days.