Mattie has been a wonderful, confident, loving dog.  Her inmate trainer said they had another amazing week together!  This past week they focused on getting Mattie more comfortable going down the stairs.  She will not go down on her own, however, still is a little slow to respond.  She likes to do things on her own.  If you give her a minute or two, she'll come through every time!

Mattie accompanied her inmate trainer to work several times last week picking and pulling trash carts with no issues. She shows no fear of people.  She allows dorm residents and co-workers to walk Mattie and practice her commands, all of which she does with ease. 

Mattie loves to eat!!  Her stomach handles all different types of treats well with no adverse reactions.  She has a great amount of confidence and loves to train.  She has become more playful with toys, especially the squeaky ones!  She and her trainer spend alot of mornings out at recreation walking the track field and training in and out of the gym.  Mattie has no problem with loud noises (except thunder).  She loves music and she flocks to large crowds of people (sounds like Meet & Greets will be right up her alley).  She did spend the night at another dorm recently and showed no separation anxiety at all.

Mattie performs well on her evaluations and to her trainer, is the perfect Greyhound!  Commands she knows includes sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, kennel, kiss, and speak!  She is definitely going to WOW her new family!!


Mattie is incredibly social. She loves everyone. No noises or people affect this dog. She is very confident and likes to let the other dogs know who's the boss. She loves to eat and the way to this girl's heart is through her stomach. She loves to play fetch and makes a pretty good retriever. She knows all of her commands and is ready for graduation. She will be such a great addition to her new family. They will love her to pieces.


Mattie loves people and is very friendly and social. She loves to go to work and school with her trainer and is so well behaved. She is very smart and has learned all of her commands. She even did them for the girls learning to be trainers. She is definitely a people pleaser. She is playing well with the other dogs and is learning to be more patient with the more pushy dogs. She loves to be outside but does get hot easily. She can't wait to graduate so that she can finally get to her forever home.


Mattie is becoming quite the social butterfly of the dorm. She loves everyone and all the residents love to spend time walking and working on commands with Mattie. She has become the dorm mascot. She loves going to work with her trainer and is not bothered by a change in her environment or noise. She is working on her commands without treats and can't wait to show off in her forever home.


Mattie is such a social girl. She has no issues adjusting to new environments, noises, or new people. She is very sweet and loyal and loves to walk right by your side. She is a goofy girl and likes to run with toys in her mouth. When she has had enough play time she will plop down in the grass and chill. She does not like other dogs to get in her face and will give them a growl to tell them to back off. She went with the other trainers over night and did great with no separation anxiety. She is definitely loving retirement!


Mattie is so social that when she is released from her kennel, she goes to greet her fan club in the dorm. She is a great companion and as loyal as they come. She really loves people and is very soothing to be around. She is starting to like toys and it isn't uncommon to see her carrying a tennis ball outside. Mattie is a great listener and follows commands well. She is working very hard at her training to make a great pet for her new family.


Mattie has quite the fan club. She is such a joy to be around, everyone just loves her. She is definitely a people person. She just eats up love and attention. She has no space issues and loves for her trainer to sit on her bed with her and massage her. She is such a responsive dog and a good listener. She really pays attention to her trainer and is quickly learning her commands. She loves to be outside to explore and enjoys to be hosed off when she gets hot. Her trainer says she is absolutely perfect.


Mattie is one easy going girl, she loves everyone and is not bothered by crowds or noises. She is doing great with her restroom breaks. She loves to go outside and explore and is a natural at heeling on a leash. She loves to get into the wading pool and gets along with other dogs big and small. This is a very happy, sweet, obedient dog that will make her new family very happy.