Lee at the Rose Bush.jpg

Reward Lee "Lee"

b. 9/24/2006 d. 10/22/2011

Damien. That was the nickname Lee had and his reputation at the track was just as ominous. My wife and I took on Lee as a special project to try to socialize him enough to get into the prison program. Given his reputation, we did not have a lot of hope and we prepared for the worst. We kept the cats locked up upon his arrival and had a special strap on his muzzle to make sure it did not come off. Damien Lee was coming and we were not taking any chances.

On the drive home from the track, Lee was a perfect passenger. He would get up and down to check on us but lay down quietly and minded his manners. Just wait until we get home, we thought, his mean streak will come out. Except when he got to the house, Lee greeted our other hounds and couldn’t have been nicer. Wait until he sees the small dogs…nope, he even let the small dogs lay on his bed with him. Our cats? Nope. He could have cared less about the cats.

And that is when we fell in love with Sweet Lee, on that first night when he lay on our family room floor with his head on a pillow, in the middle of eight other dogs and happily went to sleep. Over the next couple of weeks we came to grow used to the way he gave us a crossed eye look and wagged his tail and put his head in your lap for a good neck rub down. No Damien Lee, just Sweet Lee. Sweet, sweet Lee.

Just when things were going great and Sweet Lee was off his muzzle and had mastered sitting, the coughing started. Worried that he had some doggie bug, we took him to the vet and got bad news. Lee had an enlarged heart, a heart so big the Vet was amazed he was still alive. Days or weeks were all we had left with Sweet Lee. My wife and I both cried for him and wished he had more time with us.

We quickly adopted Sweet Lee to give him a forever home and hoped for the best. Please let him have a few more months for us to love hm. But it was not to be. Sweet Lee’s suffering became too much for us to bear and we eased his path from this world. We now only have our memories of his sweet disposition and loving ways. Take a rest Sweet Lee…take a rest. We miss you.