Lucy has been such a blessing to have at the compound, and her handlers will miss her very much. When she first walked through the doors, she had her tail tucked and was nervous; now she is an affectionate, fun-loving girl.  Indoors, Lucy has a very calm and passive demeanor, but let her off leash outside and she becomes a whole different dog - spunky, fun and happy.  She loves to chase after balls and will bring them right back to you to throw again. Lucy will sit at your feet and relax while you watch TV or will play as long as you will.  She's very well-behaved and will make a great companion. She is very smart and has been wonderful to train, learning all of her commands fast and with ease. She enjoys being around all of the other greyhounds and has done fine with the dogs she has met.  Lucy is going to make a great addition to her forever family.