Lucy is such a doll! Everyone loves her so much. She's been doing very well learning her commands and really excels if there are no distractions around. She's doing a lot better with her sits. Lucy enjoys walking round the field and loves to run - she is fast! She gets competitive when running with the other dogs, especially the boys. She loves the orange ball. She'll pick it up and toss it in the air, then bring it back for you to throw again. She does well going up and down the stairs and shows no fear. Lucy's temperament is very easy going. She allowed her handlers to dress her up as a parrot for Halloween and did very well walking around the compound encountering different people. She was the cutest parrot ever! Everyone loved her in her costume, and she has so many treats it's unreal. She stayed the night with her alternate contact and she did great. Everybody next door adores her and loves it when she gets to come over. In school with her primary handler, she lies down on her blanket and falls asleep peacefully. Lucy is an awesome dog and will be a great companion for her forever family.