Lucy is doing great. She is so sweet and loving, too. She doesn't mind being hugged around her head and loves to be petted. She has begun to warm up to her new surroundings, and though still spooked at the moment by loud noises, she is becoming less startled by new sounds. She does very well outside and around the compound taking everything in. Lucy is doing well with her training and her handlers expect her to learn quickly as she is very smart. Sometimes her interest in everything going on around her causes her to lose focus, but she does an excellent wait and is doing well learning here, bed, kennel and heel. She's beginning to learn down and is gradually getting it. She gets along great with the other greyhounds in the dorm, and there are even a couple of male dogs this otherwise calm little girl gets excited to see. She seems also to have found a friend in Carmen Electra. Carmen brings out Lucy's courage and excitement, and Lucy becomes a lot less shy in her friend's company.