Lucy has been such a blessing to have at the compound, and her handlers will miss her very much. When she first walked through the doors, she had her tail tucked and was nervous; now she is an affectionate, fun-loving girl.  Indoors, Lucy has a very calm and passive demeanor, but let her off leash outside and she becomes a whole different dog - spunky, fun and happy.  She loves to chase after balls and will bring them right back to you to throw again. Lucy will sit at your feet and relax while you watch TV or will play as long as you will.  She's very well-behaved and will make a great companion. She is very smart and has been wonderful to train, learning all of her commands fast and with ease. She enjoys being around all of the other greyhounds and has done fine with the dogs she has met.  Lucy is going to make a great addition to her forever family.


Lucy has remained very sharp with her commands. She does not do shake but does sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed, wait and bow!  She does fine on stairs. She enjoys being outside and the chilly weather seems to have made her a little spunky. Lucy loves to be petted and will curl up at your feet in the day room or the bed area. She's a little shy with some of the male officers. She loves to be in the company of the other dogs, including the other breeds. This sweet girl has been such a joy to work with and has stolen the hearts of everyone she has come in contact with.


Lucy is so cute and sweet that it breaks your heart.  And then when she looks at you with those big brown eyes...!  The weekend switch for all the hounds as part of their socialization was this past week; she went next door and did great as usual. A couple of dorm residents there commented on how calm and loving she was.  She also enjoyed being out in the gardens with another inmate.  One of her favorite things to do is run off leash on the dog field. She plays well with the other greyhounds, though she is a bit competitive sometimes.  In the dorm she loves playing with her monkey; she'll chase after it and then prance around with it in her mouth.  Lucy is also doing well in her commands.  She has come such a long way and her handlers are really proud of her progress.  They will miss her a lot.


Lucy continues to do great.  She had a good week, including spending time at school with an alternate handler.  She is starting to do "bow" and now knows paws up.  She also did really well on her down stay training this past week.  She is so smart and easy to train.  Only is she loses focus does she not do as well.  Lucy loves digging through the big toy box and finding toys to play with in the dorm.  She is so funny to watch with the other greyhounds together during training in the gym: she is the most playful one, running up to all the other dogs and getting them to chase her from one side of the gym to the other!  Lucy is an awesome dog and a joy to work with. This wonderful dog has stolen the hearts of everyone around her. 


Lucy is excelling in all her commands. She’s starting to focus a lot better in the dorm. She is so friendly and outgoing and gets along great with all the other greys. During training they are socialized all together in the gym and everyone tends to follow her lead! She is always very happy. She loves lying in the dayroom being petted while they watch TV or in her bed area nibbling on her Kong. Outside, she seems to enjoy all the exercise she gets walking on the dog field – she just loves to be outside taking everything in. She’s very observant!  She gets a little frisky when it’s chilly outside and it’s almost as if she’s a completely different dog as she’s normally so calm and passive. Lucy is so sweet and fun and will make a wonderful companion for anyone.


Lucy is such a doll! Everyone loves her so much. She's been doing very well learning her commands and really excels if there are no distractions around. She's doing a lot better with her sits. Lucy enjoys walking round the field and loves to run - she is fast! She gets competitive when running with the other dogs, especially the boys. She loves the orange ball. She'll pick it up and toss it in the air, then bring it back for you to throw again. She does well going up and down the stairs and shows no fear. Lucy's temperament is very easy going. She allowed her handlers to dress her up as a parrot for Halloween and did very well walking around the compound encountering different people. She was the cutest parrot ever! Everyone loved her in her costume, and she has so many treats it's unreal. She stayed the night with her alternate contact and she did great. Everybody next door adores her and loves it when she gets to come over. In school with her primary handler, she lies down on her blanket and falls asleep peacefully. Lucy is an awesome dog and will be a great companion for her forever family.


What a sweet girl Lucy is! Everybody loves her so much. Her contacts took her to school with them this week and reported she was well-behaved. Her handler also took her to cosmetology class and she did well there, too. She lay on her bed and didn't seem anxious at all. Lucy gets plenty of exercise outside daily and enjoys running and playing off leash. She likes it when you throw balls for her to chase. Inside she has fun with toys and with the other greyhounds. She can get feisty if the toy banana that makes a crying sound is on the floor. Her training is coming along well, though if it's noisy she is less focused. She responds better outside. Her hardest command is Sit, so her handlers are working most on that with her at the moment. Lucy has overall a very calm, cautious demeanor. She enjoys being close to you and getting plenty of affection.


Lucy has had an eventful week. She was allowed off leash for the first time and had a blast. Wow was she fast! She was very excited to be able to run free and play with others. When she's out on the field, she can be a bit of a bully, especially over a particular talking toy, but the rest of the time that is not this laid back girl's personality at all. When she's around other greyhounds in the dorm, she is very friendly and outgoing with them. In the past couple of weeks, Lucy has really come out of her shell. She's also doing very well with her commands. She has mastered going up stairs and does it now without hesitation. She has also learned sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed and wait. Lucy just loves being loved on and she enjoys lying in the bed area and in the day room. She will be a great companion for her new family.



Lucy is doing great. She is so sweet and loving, too. She doesn't mind being hugged around her head and loves to be petted. She has begun to warm up to her new surroundings, and though still spooked at the moment by loud noises, she is becoming less startled by new sounds. She does very well outside and around the compound taking everything in. Lucy is doing well with her training and her handlers expect her to learn quickly as she is very smart. Sometimes her interest in everything going on around her causes her to lose focus, but she does an excellent wait and is doing well learning here, bed, kennel and heel. She's beginning to learn down and is gradually getting it. She gets along great with the other greyhounds in the dorm, and there are even a couple of male dogs this otherwise calm little girl gets excited to see. She seems also to have found a friend in Carmen Electra. Carmen brings out Lucy's courage and excitement, and Lucy becomes a lot less shy in her friend's company. 

First Impressions - 10/06/13

What a sweet little girl Lucy is, with a face to fall in love with. She is somewhat unsure of things at the moment, but more on alert than skittish and seems to adjusting well as the days go by. She's a little jumpy at loud noises or sudden movements, though overall her demeanor is calm and reserved and very loving. Lucy walks well and seems to enjoy being outside experiencing all those new sights, smells and sounds. She's a lovable girl and has already stolen her handlers' hearts.