Kelly had a good final week. She's a friendly, loving, happy girl, good with other greyhounds and very smart and eager to please. She still has her timid moments with loud noises and busy crowds but has come such a very long way during her time with her handler, who is very proud of her. She's an obedient girl and well-behaved. This loving girl is such a joy to be around and will make her new family very happy.


Kelly has a greyhound buddy in the dorm and this past week they've had fun playing together with her squeaky toy. She went to school again this week with one of the other handlers and did great. This little girl had plenty of exercise, too, and so has had a really good week. She is very smart and is doing great with her training and her commands. Kelly is eager to please and loves praise though she can have an occasional stubborn moment. Though still not relaxed around loud noises and large groups of people, this girl is so very much more relaxed than when she first arrived. She's made great progress and her handler is very proud of her.


Kelly is so smart and eager to please. She's done wonderfully this week. She spent quite a bit of time together with PTL Sara, who is also a little shy, and they seemed to like and trust each other. Kelly as a result seemed more confident and ventured out to play more on the field. She did great next door at the weekend switch and this too seems to have brought her out of herself more. Kelly is a great dog and will be a wonderful pet for her new family. She loves attention and to be praised and loved on. Her handler is really going to miss her when she leaves.


Kelly is doing really well. She's a wonderful dog and very smart. She's really mastered all her commands, and training in the noisy gym is going a lot better. She's not big on socializing with the other dogs - doesn't mind them but prefers her own company for the most part. Teeth cleaning and a bath outside got the paws down from her this week. She didn't enjoy either! However she loved the massages her weekend handler gave her. She isn't big on toys but enjoys chewing on a rubber toy that holds kibble. This little girl is very sweet and wants to please you and make you smile. She will warm your heart as she has her handlers' and will be a great, well-behaved companion for her new family.


Kelly has done great this week. She's been getting plenty of exercise and has been more playful. She is also happily roaming all over the dorm now. This very smart girl learns quickly and has been doing wonderfully with all all her commands. She's a great dog and gets along with everyone. For the most part she is laid back and easy going. Big crowds and lots of noise still make her a little nervous, but she likes people and attention and enjoys being with the other greyhounds. She's a friendly, outgoing and happy girl in her familiar surroundings and is getting more playful and comfortable all the time. Kelly has no problem with ears and nails being groomed and is fine with hugs. She is not a fan of being bathed, however, and the only thing she enjoys about having her teeth brushed is the tasty toothpaste! Kelly brightens her handler's days. She says she loves training with this wonderful dog and spending time with her. She is such a sweet girl and such a joy to be around.


Kelly is doing really well. She knows all her commands and the list of extra commands continues to grow: bow, paws up, lap and say hello are now all listed. She knows them without kibble but still loves to be treated. This past week she went to school and at first whined a little - her handler says she was perhaps a bit nervous in the crowded room - but then settled down OK. She's such a loving dog and very happy. She's still not much into toys or chasing them when off leash. She does enjoy being outside but also likes to roam all over the dorm now, especially when it's quieter. She lies happily on her blanket while the residents watch TV in the day room.


Kelly is doing great and really coming out of her shell. She loves to be petted and rubbed on and will give you her puppy dog eyes if you stop. She's such a sweet and loving dog. She doesn't like too much noise in the dorm and prefers the quiet of her kennel if things get too loud or busy. She did wonderfully on her secondary contact assignment this week. Everyone adores her. She's doing excellently in her training and has a long list of commands that she knows well already; she gets quite playful and excited when it's time to train! Kelly is a smart girl and is going to make a great pet.


Kelly Ripa's handlers say it's only been a couple of weeks and they adore her. She's come out of her shell and this week has been wonderful for her. She went on her first contact with another handler and did so very well, responding to her commands and being friendly with everyone. She was a joy to be with. She's mastered going down the stairs at rec and enjoys walking the field. She's very adventurous in the early mornings when let loose to wander in the dorm. One morning she went into the shower for the first time to check out the noise of the water and just stood there, tail wagging! Kelly is such a smart and loving dog and has already come so far since she arrived.


Kelly is such a wonderful dog. She's very sweet and loving and seems to enjoy everybody she meets. She's doing well on her commands. This little girl has settled gradually since she arrived, though still not completely. Her handlers are working to help her with some shyness and as a result she is much better in the day room now. Outside she is in her element. She also loves the squeaky toy she came with and is quite comical playing fetch with it.

3/10/13 - First impressions

Kelly was anxious when she arrived, but by the end of the day her tail was wagging. She's very friendly and loves to lick your hands and arms. Out on the rec yard she did really well, not afraid of anyone she met and getting along fine with the other dogs. This girl is very curious and wants to smell everything. She prefers quiet time in her kennel to the activity in the day room, but is friendly and outgoing and such a loving little hound. Although Kelly has only been there a few days, her handlers love this sweet hound already.