Spirit is a very contented boy, especially when his handler rubs his beautiful, soft coat.  He is so sweet and very loving.  When the petting stops, he will gently tap his paw on her leg to get her attention.  He is a handsome hound and has the greatest ears - like a German Shepherd.  Spirit is very pleasant to live with - take him anywhere and he loves everyone.  He’s a really terrific dog who will make everyone in the family happy; it’s what he does.  Spirit makes everyone feel good!


Spirit is a great, gentle dog.  He knows all his commands, though he’s still working on sit and down.  He is also slow to shake paws though he loves people: his favorite hobby is going from person to person for some love!  He’ll happily go along with anyone assigned to him, whether going to school or rec, and makes everyone feel special - they all love him.  Toys aren’t really his thing, but a Kong with peanut butter in it keeps him occupied and licking till there’s absolutely nothing left to lick.  This charmer has absolutely no separation anxiety and will enjoy attention from anyone who wants to give it!


Spirit loves to be petted and loves attention. He will lie on the floor alongside his trainer and sidle up to get petted. He is doing well on his commands, but needs to improve his sit and shake. He is still kibble driven and will run to his shaker jar.

He loves the kiddie pool, it’s his favorite spot when it is hot.

His trainer says that Spirit is a really wonderful dog with a wonderful temperament, and that to know him is to love him.


Spirit doesn’t whine and rarely barks. He loves attention and gets on well with staff and inmates, as well as the other greyhounds, and has no separation anxiety. He is cautious with the CCI lab puppies. He has no problems with bathing, ear and teeth cleaning, and having his nails clipped. When approached while eating, he just keeps on eating.

Spirit’s occasional carefulness with shiny floors continues to improve as his handlers work with him. He knows all of his commands, and is now refining his sit/down and down/stay. Of course, with a promise of dinner in front of him, he does a sit/stay without any problem.

Everyone is charmed by Spirit and he loves attention and to be petted. His trainer says he is a wonderful dog and is very sweet and mild-mannered.


After those days of rain, Spirit became cautious on shiny floors but he’s working through it; he definitely is ready to face his fears, and is very trusting - an awesome dog. 

Spirit prefers running with another dog to playing with toys.  He loves to go for walks, but lying in the pool is his greatest pleasure.  He is doing well with his commands, though sit and down are requiring some extra attention, but he loves his kibble and can therefore be bribed.

In the dorm he does the rounds to get petted.  He’s such a loving, even-tempered and good natured dog.  It doesn’t matter who he is with, he is always comfortable and as good as gold. Everyone falls in love with him.


Spirit went to some new places this week - different classes. pill line, etc. and everyone loves him wherever he goes. He is a very sociable, people dog. He is doing well with his commands, but sometimes resists sitting to command; then other times, when he sees kibble in his trainer’s hands, he “auto-sits”.

Spirit is a beautiful, good-tempered dog. He will go from person to person for attention, but doesn’t whine or bark. He wakes up in his kennel, but will patiently wait to be released. He is always in a good mood, loves to be with people, and is very good with other greyhounds.


His trainer says that Spirit is the perfect name for this greyhound. He's a beautiful dog with a great spirit.  Spirit is the dog that everyone wants; he is very laid back and absolutely loves everyone. He likes to play and enjoys the pool, but his favorite pastime is to eat. He loves his kibble and has a good appetite.

Spirit is doing well with his commands and has mastered here, wait, and kennel, and also does well on stairs. He is working on his heel command.

Spirit is very adaptable and friendly, and plays well with the other greyhounds. He does great in school, in the breezeway, the dorm, and at the rec.  All in all, his trainer says he is one really great dog.


Spirit is a very friendly and smart dog. He loves attention and will walk around from one person to the next to get it, as he wants to be loved and petted.

He likes playing with toys and absolutely loves the pool. He doesn’t whine or bark and loves his training sessions. He is doing well with sit and down, as well as wait, and seems to be a quick learner. Spirit also enjoys going to rec., where he does pretty well with his heel walking. His trainer says he will be an awesome pet.