Kay's trainer says it's been another awesome week with her!  But unfortunately it's their last week before she gets sprung from prison and heads to her forever home!  They spent some time outside walking and enjoying the weather, followed by some pool time in the baby pool with her toys.  She had so much fun spashing around in the water!!

Kay has done extremely well with her training, learning all of her commands.  She is proficient with sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, lap, kiss, paws up, and she can even bow!!  She loves to do her extra commands (kiss, paws up and bow) and show off while doing them! 

She loves to run and play while off leash but squeaky toys are her favorite.  Her co-handler and main trainer take turns taking Kay out to socialize with the other dogs and people.  They have made it a point to ensure she is getting enough exercise as well.  Kay is such a beautiful and gentle dog. 

Both trainers have stated they are grateful to be a part of the program.  To be able to provide love, trust, and training to these dogs on a daily basis has been their greatest achievement.  They are both sad to see Kay leave but know she will have a happy fulfilled life with her new family and wish her the very best on her next journey!