Such a Good Lil Girl

JJ is becoming a social butterfly of late. She will snuggle on the bed with her foster daddy. She is happy to have us home and does well in or out of the crate. Considering that recently she was left out accidently with tons of wedding prep things all around and she had no interest in any of it. 

She is so much more social than when she first came to visit us here. She is waiting for her forever home very patiently. In the meantime, she takes regular walks in town and loves anyone who wants to pet her. 

She loves the river, loves rides in the cars, and likes stealing whatever warm bed that has recently been vacated, much to her foster brothers' and sister's dismay. 

She has no interest in getting on the furniture, even though the live ins here show her how to do it all the time, even as I type this. 

JJ listens well. Comes when called. Loves her toys, will play with stuffies and the giant tennis balls, but the minute the video camera comes out she acts bored with the whole thing. She is finally getting the hang of this whole retired thing, and realizing what it is like to be a spoiled greyhound. I think she quite likes it.