Warming up!

JJ as we are calling her, because it seemed nothing else got her attention, is finally starting to show her true colors a bit.  Just like her face, black and white, there is no gray area. She either loves it or hates it. She spent her first day hiding out in her crate, but is slowly warming up.

This girl is a lover. She lovingly licks you to show her approval. She enjoys running around the yard with her 3 foster siblings. She will snuggle with you when the mood suits her. She is teeny compared to our three, but good things come in small packages.

She is timid about anything new, and absolutely HATES  our ceiling fans. She watches them even when they are off as if they are alien beings. It is humorous actually. But turn them on and she is outta there. She watches the TV, and almost always lays in a corner so nothing can sneak up behind her.

So far she is requiring lots of patience, but she loves walks, crates well, and surprises us everyday. She reminds us of our Salty when we first brought him home....terrified of everything, but now so full love and cuddles everyday. This sweet girl will be a perfect addition to a home with or without other hounds, as long as they aren't small.