Happy Hound!

This lil girl has come a long way since first walking through our door.  First, we get to run the ceiling fans and not have her cowering in the corner.  She still doesn't feel entirely comfortable with them, but she is adapting.

She has learned that in this home with 3 other hounds, that everyone gets a snack or 2 or 3. So she no longer tries to take our finger off in competition to get them. JJ sits like a lil lady till one is put in front of her nose before she takes it gently.

When we comes home she gives us love nibbles just like foster sis Lyric, because she wants attention and love. Everyone must get their pats and rubs and she waits for her turn, sometimes with a bark here and there because hers isn't happening fast enough.

She loves to play with Houdini and Lyric in the back yard they will run together barking and tiring themselves out.  JJ knows our senior boy Salty isn't playful and she leaves him be.

She loves her stuffies and will chase a ball but hasn't quite got the bring it back part down yet. She runs around with it, then drops it.

We have moved her crate from the bedroom to the dining room, but she no longer feels the need to stay in it all day. We crate her when we leave, but we let her sleep in our room at night and she does fine.

She really is coming out of her shell and is a very happy loving girl. We will try to add pics or video soon.