JJ Loves Redmond!!

Or is that Redmond loves JJ?  He is tall, handsome and red-headed and he does seem to attract the ladies.  JJ is smitten, I think, but we all are!  She is doing quite well in her new foster home but I must say especially loves her stuffies and meal time!  I recently changed our kibble to Nutri Source and everyone just scarfs it right up. 

And she loves playing with the pink Wubba pig.  She'll toss it in the air and when it lands, she watches waiting for it to move.  Of course, it doesn't, and then she grabs it again, tosses it and waits again for it to move.  I just have to get that on video - soon!!

We are loving having her around! 


Not Much Has Changed

JJ was returned to us over the weekend to be rehomed.  As you can see from the picture below, she fell right into the routine of my pack (we take lots of naps at my house). 

She ate dinner last night and her breakfast this morning.  And is now resting comfortably in her crate beside my other foster, Redmond.  So far, she is acclimating well to our schedule.  Whoo hoo!!


Such a Good Lil Girl

JJ is becoming a social butterfly of late. She will snuggle on the bed with her foster daddy. She is happy to have us home and does well in or out of the crate. Considering that recently she was left out accidently with tons of wedding prep things all around and she had no interest in any of it. 

She is so much more social than when she first came to visit us here. She is waiting for her forever home very patiently. In the meantime, she takes regular walks in town and loves anyone who wants to pet her. 

She loves the river, loves rides in the cars, and likes stealing whatever warm bed that has recently been vacated, much to her foster brothers' and sister's dismay. 

She has no interest in getting on the furniture, even though the live ins here show her how to do it all the time, even as I type this. 

JJ listens well. Comes when called. Loves her toys, will play with stuffies and the giant tennis balls, but the minute the video camera comes out she acts bored with the whole thing. She is finally getting the hang of this whole retired thing, and realizing what it is like to be a spoiled greyhound. I think she quite likes it.

Happy Hound!

This lil girl has come a long way since first walking through our door.  First, we get to run the ceiling fans and not have her cowering in the corner.  She still doesn't feel entirely comfortable with them, but she is adapting.

She has learned that in this home with 3 other hounds, that everyone gets a snack or 2 or 3. So she no longer tries to take our finger off in competition to get them. JJ sits like a lil lady till one is put in front of her nose before she takes it gently.

When we comes home she gives us love nibbles just like foster sis Lyric, because she wants attention and love. Everyone must get their pats and rubs and she waits for her turn, sometimes with a bark here and there because hers isn't happening fast enough.

She loves to play with Houdini and Lyric in the back yard they will run together barking and tiring themselves out.  JJ knows our senior boy Salty isn't playful and she leaves him be.

She loves her stuffies and will chase a ball but hasn't quite got the bring it back part down yet. She runs around with it, then drops it.

We have moved her crate from the bedroom to the dining room, but she no longer feels the need to stay in it all day. We crate her when we leave, but we let her sleep in our room at night and she does fine.

She really is coming out of her shell and is a very happy loving girl. We will try to add pics or video soon.

Warming up!

JJ as we are calling her, because it seemed nothing else got her attention, is finally starting to show her true colors a bit.  Just like her face, black and white, there is no gray area. She either loves it or hates it. She spent her first day hiding out in her crate, but is slowly warming up.

This girl is a lover. She lovingly licks you to show her approval. She enjoys running around the yard with her 3 foster siblings. She will snuggle with you when the mood suits her. She is teeny compared to our three, but good things come in small packages.

She is timid about anything new, and absolutely HATES  our ceiling fans. She watches them even when they are off as if they are alien beings. It is humorous actually. But turn them on and she is outta there. She watches the TV, and almost always lays in a corner so nothing can sneak up behind her.

So far she is requiring lots of patience, but she loves walks, crates well, and surprises us everyday. She reminds us of our Salty when we first brought him home....terrified of everything, but now so full love and cuddles everyday. This sweet girl will be a perfect addition to a home with or without other hounds, as long as they aren't small.


Just Dessert has a definite silly side to her. To get her trainer's attention she will start playing at the end of the leash by jumping and spinning circles. She will bark as she spins, so I guess she has decided to be the new looney tunes tasmanian devil. She responds well to verbal correction when she gets too out of hand. She does need time to adjust to new people and environments. Once the trust is established this girl is extremely loving and loyal.


Justdessert wasn't crazy about the trainer swap at first, but by the second day she settled in very nicely. She played with toys and practiced her commands without issue. Her trainer thought she was very sweet and lovable. She can be a little bit of a land shark with treats but she responds well to verbal correction. She has her mealtime routine down pat and will sit and wait once she sees her food bowl. She has great focus and is very eager to please.


Just Dessert had a great week. She went with several different trainers and received high praise from everyone. She is really coming along with her socialization and was more approachable by strangers. She was very good with her grooming and nail trimming. She is eager to please and is very loving. She loves to get attention and will lay her head in your lap to be petted. Her progress report was remarkable and combined with her overall improvement this week, Just Dessert is this week's student of the week. Way to go baby girl!


Just Dessert has a sassy personality. She likes things her way and keeps her trainer on her toes. She does tend to push the limits but is correctable once you establish that you are the boss and that you mean business. She is attached to her trainer but does warm up to other handlers once she gets to know and trust them. She has continued to progress in her training and is currently working on stay. This little girl is wonderful and very loving, her trainer is dreading her graduation.


The name Just Dessert fits this little girl because she has a quite the sweet tooth and loves peanut butter. She is very loving and and craves a lot of attention from her trainer. She tends to be protective of her trainer so this week she went with another trainer for a day and did very well. She was passed off on her sit, here, heel, wait, and bed commands this week. Keep up the good work little one!


Just Dessert is a frisky girl with a big personality. She is definitely a nosy little busy body. She is very good at letting her trainer know when she has to use the bathroom. She is huggable and very lovable. She gets very excited when she hears a squeaky toy and can zero in on its location. She pounces on her toys, and likes to shake and throw them. What a gooney girl. She is doing well with the introduction of the here, wait, kennel, heel, & let's go commands.