Snack Pack continues to be spoiled. She has touched so many lives during her training. She has a very special affect on people. Everyone just loves her dearly and are going to miss her very much. She has the makings of a great therapy dog. She is angelic in her behavior and looks. She loves to be brushed and pampered. She continues to be extremely gentle, sweet, and affectionate. She does an excellent fetch and will drop the toy when she is told "out". She is so funny when the other dogs whine in their crates she grunts as if she is telling them to be quiet. Her family will just love her to pieces.


Snack Pack enjoyed meeting all the new people during her trainer swap. She loved all the attention. She loves to nuzzle you as you rub her. She has so much love and positive energy, she can win anyone over. Even though she is a girly-girl she loves to play fetch and will actually drop the toy at your feet. She is just awesome! She continued to maintain her good manners throughout her entire stay. She is going to be dearly missed by all when she graduates.


Snack Pack is definitely a princess. She enjoys being hand fed and likes to sleep in. She is always in a good mood and is very even keeled. She loves to lay her head on a pillow and roaches in her sleep. She loves to go for walks outside but is also continent playing inside. She is very flexible with her activities. She is very gentle with toys and her favorite is a blue fish. She spent the night with another trainer and received high praise. She is progressing well with her training program. She really enjoys company and is not picky on who it is from, be it dog or human. Her trainer thinks she will be a great family pet.


Little miss perfect, Snack Pack is a very even keeled, gentle, and approachable sweetheart. She has no stranger danger issues and will let you do about anything to her. Nothing upsets her except for food she doesn't care for. I guess this little girl has a sophisticated palate as most princesses do. She is quite the mingler with all the other large dogs. As with all princesses she has wonderful manners and is quite studious. She knows the verbal commands for sit, here, heel, and wait. She does have a stubborn side and does not always like be told what to do and sometimes will do the commands on her own terms.


Snack Pack continues to be such a little lady. She is calm, gentle, and very agreeable to anything. She is a picky eater and is not crazy about food. She likes a good squeaky toy and stuffed animal but it is beneath her to chase a ball. The little princess continues to charm everyone she meets. She is doing well with sit, and wait, and continues to work on here and heel.


Princess Snack Pack still has the dorm captivated by her charm. She is the complete package; looks, brains, and personality. She is very gentle but has a silly side to her. If other dogs are crying in their kennels she will cover her head up to block the noise. She is doing well with her training and is very correctable after she plays little miss innocent card. She loves to be pampered and enjoys her spa days. Her trainer feels with her gentle nature that she would be a good family dog.


Snack Pack is a lovable sweetheart. She is very gentle and lady like. She likes toys but is even gentle in her playing and is fine with you taking it from her. She has won over everyone's heart and is the dorm baby. She is just gorgeous and petite with a snow white coat. She is a little angel, just perfect. She has been content since day one and is just wonderful.