Jeri's trainer loves taking her to work with her every day.  She lays right down on her blanket and is very comfortable.  She never growls unless she gets stepped on (who wouldn't?) and she just adores everyone she meets.

Her whole world revolves around kibble.  Feeding time is her favorite time of day and she eats quite fast (you can add water to her kibble to slow her down).  Once she finishes her bowl, she looks around for more!!  She will sit and stay until you give her the "ok" to go eat dinner but then she looks at you with those soulful eyes which makes it difficult to make her "stay" but she does well with it.  Her trainer loves her to pieces and will definitely miss her.

Commands she knows includes sit, down, stay/sit, here, shake, bed, stairs and wait!  Her new family is simply going to adore her!!