Jennifer has been awesome and a blessing to train, says her handler.  In this last week, the whole dorm has been circulating around her handler’s bed saying early good byes to her.  She has great qualities and her handler would love to see her as a service dog.  She’s learned all of her commands quickly and knows them well.  In just an hour, she learned “under,” for going under a counter or table out of the way in restaurants, a doctor’s office etc.  In the library later in the day, when her handler returned a book, Jennifer went straight under the table, did a 180 degree turn and went into a down position, staying until released - her handler’s comment: wow! She was so proud.  Jennifer’s eagerness to please is obvious.  She loves to be massaged , especially on her belly.  And also loves to relax and cuddle on a a big, soft blue comforter, says her handler.  Her handler’s wish: take care of her and enjoy!