Her trainer says that Jennifer is one hilarious dog, and keeps you laughing and smiling. She's a very dainty, elegant and "girly" dog, and is very energetic but then also has her times when she is very laid back and she can make herself comfortable anywhere.  She loves being playful and bounces around (her trainer calls it her "boogying"!).  She also loves playing games with her trainer like "shake", "leave it"', and "find which hand has the kibble in it". She almost always finds the kibble with her keen nose.

Jennifer is doing great with a whole list of commands.  She even takes stairs well, if fast!  She really likes to be scratched gently behind the ears.  She has shown no signs of aggression to people or to the other greyhounds. Her tail wags like crazy when she meets someone as if they were a long lost friend.  She can't help but make you smile.