Jennifer has been awesome and a blessing to train, says her handler.  In this last week, the whole dorm has been circulating around her handler’s bed saying early good byes to her.  She has great qualities and her handler would love to see her as a service dog.  She’s learned all of her commands quickly and knows them well.  In just an hour, she learned “under,” for going under a counter or table out of the way in restaurants, a doctor’s office etc.  In the library later in the day, when her handler returned a book, Jennifer went straight under the table, did a 180 degree turn and went into a down position, staying until released - her handler’s comment: wow! She was so proud.  Jennifer’s eagerness to please is obvious.  She loves to be massaged , especially on her belly.  And also loves to relax and cuddle on a a big, soft blue comforter, says her handler.  Her handler’s wish: take care of her and enjoy!


Though an energetic girl, Jennifer is so relaxed and cool with the human touch.  Her handler sings and talks to her and rubs her belly, head, ears and paw pads.  She’s a very gentle and petite girl and thrives on affection and praise.  Jennifer knows her commands well and is a most cooperative and willing learner, who with patience can be taught almost anything.  She is an inquisitive hound and always ready to check into anything new or exciting, but listens well to correction when needed!  Her handler says she’s a “wonder dog” and gives off a lot of loving warmth.


Jennifer is a very active dog and likes lots of play and exercise. Many of the team members have worked with her this week and cannot get enough of her. 

She knows all of her commands, but a little work needs to be done with the kennel command as she likes to go in when she is ready. She insists on making her bed her way by turning and fluffing up the bedding until she has a “nest” to her satisfaction.

Jennifer shows no aggression at all, and she is fearless as well as curious about everything around her.


Jennifer has had an adventurous week and weekend. She has spent time with almost everyone and been everywhere on the large compound. She has been well-behaved and has walked well with other members of the greyhound team.

She is very fast and loves to please. Her trainer continually challenges her, and she never fails to prove that she is super smart. She knows all of her commands with the exception of kennel, which her trainer is working on with her.

Jennifer loves to nest and make her own bed comfy. She loves comforters and body pillows. Her trainer says that if she gets a comforter and lots of pillows when she goes home, she will be in heaven.


Jennifer is a very adventurous dog and likes to explore her world time and time again as if it is all brand new. She always wants to smell, see, and hear what’s going on. Her trainer says there is nothing negative to say about her. Everything she does is out of fun or excitement.

This last week Jennifer continued to be consistent with her commands and knows them all, both verbally and with hand signals. She loves to be around other greys, but still not so much with the small CCI lab puppies.

She likes her belly being rubbed and will relax on the floor and chill out with her trainer.


Jennifer loves people and is absolutely fearless; her handler is confident that large crowds wouldn’t bother her at all.

She can do virtually all of her commands when she wants to, but there are moments when she won’t do them unless kibble is offered. Her handler says not to let her fool you, as she knows them very well without the kibble. 

Jennifer shows no signs of aggression towards other greyhounds or people, though she is not so sure of the CCI labs.  A bundle of energy, she is super fast and loves to play and be part of the pack.


Jennifer is a fun-loving high-energy dog - her trainer says she’s a “trip”!  She is very smart with her basic commands of sit, stay/down, here, heel, and wait and absolutely loves being praised and petted.  She’s still working on the kennel command.

Jennifer’s energy is endless and her trainer comes up with things to engage her: last weekend her trainer threw all her toys on her blanket and Jennifer had a blast playing with them all.  She is a great girl and very entertaining.


Her trainer says that Jennifer is one hilarious dog, and keeps you laughing and smiling. She's a very dainty, elegant and "girly" dog, and is very energetic but then also has her times when she is very laid back and she can make herself comfortable anywhere.  She loves being playful and bounces around (her trainer calls it her "boogying"!).  She also loves playing games with her trainer like "shake", "leave it"', and "find which hand has the kibble in it". She almost always finds the kibble with her keen nose.

Jennifer is doing great with a whole list of commands.  She even takes stairs well, if fast!  She really likes to be scratched gently behind the ears.  She has shown no signs of aggression to people or to the other greyhounds. Her tail wags like crazy when she meets someone as if they were a long lost friend.  She can't help but make you smile.


Her trainer says that Jennifer Hudson is one of a kind and will steal your heart when she comes home with you!  Jennifer is a snuggle bunny and loves to be close to her trainer wherever she goes. She is very playful and is full of energy, without a trace of aggression.  She is a very curious dog, always wanting to know what is going on and perking up her cute ears whenever something catches her attention. She is fearless and ready to take on the world and she loves everyone.

Jennifer is already responding to a verbal sit command and knows the hand signals for several other commands.  She sits for her food and has no problem with her trainer putting her hand in her bowl when she is eating.