Russ's inmate trainer says its the final week with him and she has to say, it's been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  He and she grew to love and learn one another.  Russ learned how to show his personality and his character.  He is a very loyal boy who's only fault that she can tell is his deep love and affection for his toys and unwillingness to give them up when he's playing!  Thank goodness he does know the "drop it" and "back off" commands and will do just that when they are used.  He is definitley very happy and playful.

He loves people and has never shown any fear of anyone in the prison.  He was exposed to the CCI labs and puppies and loved them all with no problems.  He also loves the water, especially the baby pools!  And he loves hugs which he gets alot of from his trainer!!

Another behavior trait of Jed's Russ is called "nitting".  When a Greyhound is very happy, and loves their "person" they may nibble at their arm or side with their front teeth.  It's actually an expression of great happiness but it might be otherwise misinterpreted.  His trainer will correct him when he does this and he will stop. 

Commands he has learned include sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, leave it, drop it, back off, and lap!

He has made her very happy and she knows he will make you happy as well.  She wishes him the best as he starts a new chapter in his life!