The Field Trip

I gathered up Russ (or Talon as they named him in prison) Thursday afternoon so I could take him to pet therapy with me Thursday night at the nursing home.  The point was to see how he might do and as we all suspected, he did just great.  He was very amenable to the entire field trip actually! 

But at the nursing home, even though it was his very first visit, he approached everyone with care and stood while everyone petted him.  As with most dogs, he seemed to know who was "dog friendly" and who wasn't!  We visited our usual patients, in particular Warren and Bud.  Warren was out of bed and sitting up when we arrived.  He always loves to pet the pups.  I removed his hand from his side and moved it onto Russ' head with ease.  Russ just stood there, enjoying the attention.  He is the perfect height for pet therapy, I must say and has the best demeanor about him. 

Next we wondered down the hall and visited with Bud, our favorite patient in the entire facility.  We stood there and talked to Bud for probably about 30 minutes.  I have to say that Russ took all this in stride and stood there waiting patiently.  Bud gave him a kiss on the head and a hug before we left.

Russ and I soon headed home to begin the slumber party with my three Greyhound girls and one Greyhound boy who I am fostering.  All was well, not a grumble from anyone but one of my girls!  He hung with us for most of the day on Friday when I finally was able to return him to Ms. Pat's house to continue his foster stay.

All in all, I deemed the field trip a great success.  Russ handled himself extraordinarily well, enduring new sights and sounds (and Greyhounds) with ease!  He will be a great therapy dog and a wonderful addition to any family!!