As if last week wasn't frantic enough, what with graduating from our prison training class and traveling all the way to North Georgia... You'd think a guy would deserve a little rest, but Noooooo.

First, a hectic weekend of learning the ropes  here at the Halfway House. Then Monday, Mom P called the canine contingent together  for a talk, telling us we will be on our own for most of the day Tuesday while she gets some kind of medical procedure done at the people hospital. Can you say "Arteriogram"?  Me , niether.  As senior dog, Ms 'Mantha was to be in charge.  Isn't she always? She certainly seems to think so.  Having been around off and on for nearly a year, Fonzy has proven trustworthy. I was told to just follow their lead. I did, but she was home again by mid-afternoon, anyway, so we didn't have a chance to get into any trouble.   

On Wednesday, 6/6, Mom P turned 66.  Amazing how long humans can live. Happy B'day! A friend took her out to lunch to celebrate and while out she fetched( who knew people could?) the car she had to leave at the hospital the day before, so we once more have transport available.

Then, on Thursday, an adventure for me, just 1 week after arriving. It seems the lady who wants to adopt me  wants me to become a Certified Therapy Dog. For practice, Ms Patti decided to take me with her for a therapy visit to a nursing home with her and her dogs. Mom P says she heard the CPT test is very similar to the CGC we trained for the prison, and I aced that.  She also said that one of her prior foster sons, Race, is now doing an excellent job at it; and she says I'm as smart as he, if not quite as calm natured.

I'll  let you know how it went in next week's blog , unless Ms Patti beats me to it with a Therapy visit report.