Russ here. Lots of traveling today. We got to Smyrna a little ahead of schedule. Fortunately, bunches of folks were already there waiting for us, including  my new  Foster Mom Pat, so after a quick potty run, we all scattered and got back on the road  headed for our final or temporary next stops.  With these nice long days we're  having I've only been here an hour or so; but already met Foster brother Fonzy & Foster Sis Samantha and explored the house and grounds, and its just now getting dark. Mom P is impressed that I had no problem with going either up or down the 13 stairs between house & yard. I've been in and out the doggie door a couple of times, too, but won't claim that I'm completely confident about it yet.  Mom P says I probably will have it  totally conquered before the weekend is out and likely  won't be here long enough to worry about it,anyhow. Seems somebody is already interested in making me a permanent family member.  To that  I say, "Woo!" and let us not forget  "Hoo!!"

BTW,  ya see those bare patches on my rump in my profile pic?  Completly filled in already. I'm all slick and shiney now, as well as being smart.  Still have the fun personality,too.  What more could anyone ask? Mom P also says that my being a bit of a  toy freak is not all bad.  When she tossed a squeaky toy into the back seat of her car, I climbed halfway in after it, so she just had to give me a small boost rather than having to  try to lift my 70 pound self.