Last week we were dealing with the fallout from 200 year old trees dropping tree sized limbs.   This week its Dog Doctors everywhere.  Mom P says these surgeons, both tree & dog are truly rough on the budget. Fonzy and I had doctor visits on the same day. Ouch! But the tree doctor was a real shocker.  They charge about a grand per century! WOW!

 So,anyhow,  I visited Ms Patti's Vet this morning and was pronounced fit as a fiddle  and ready to fly.  The current plan is for that to happen next Frioday night, so I'll be leaving in June after all, even if its just barely.   One more week and it looks like Bon Voyage for me.  I'm excited!


UH-OH.  A snag has been hit in my travel plans. My Vet check has been rescheduled and my flight west delayed until next week.

Luckily, my foster family assures me I haven't worn out my welcome here. After all, I just arrived at the end of May and a foster slot won't be needed again until August so I have a month and a half that I can just twiddle my dewclaws and wait to see what develops. I'll keep everybody up to date as long as I remain.


My first hop in that direction may come as early as next week.  A short one: just as far as another trip to Douglasville to visit Ms Patti and her girls again. I'll be there long enough for a Vet Check to clear me for further travel. Then, before the month is out, I'll be "Leaving On A Jet Plane" to Salt Lake City to meet my new Mom who will take me on to her home in Utah, of all places.

Looks like I'm going to be a well traveled guy.  Born, raised, and spent my racing career in AL, trained in FL, fostered in GA; then trading the Southeast for the Southwest, but still a southern gentleman all the way. Good thing I'm adventurous, huh? Mom P says nothing phases me. This could test that theory.

So, my farewells begin. Goodbye to my foster family this week and SCG soon.  The adventure continues. Wish me luck.

The Field Trip

I gathered up Russ (or Talon as they named him in prison) Thursday afternoon so I could take him to pet therapy with me Thursday night at the nursing home.  The point was to see how he might do and as we all suspected, he did just great.  He was very amenable to the entire field trip actually! 

But at the nursing home, even though it was his very first visit, he approached everyone with care and stood while everyone petted him.  As with most dogs, he seemed to know who was "dog friendly" and who wasn't!  We visited our usual patients, in particular Warren and Bud.  Warren was out of bed and sitting up when we arrived.  He always loves to pet the pups.  I removed his hand from his side and moved it onto Russ' head with ease.  Russ just stood there, enjoying the attention.  He is the perfect height for pet therapy, I must say and has the best demeanor about him. 

Next we wondered down the hall and visited with Bud, our favorite patient in the entire facility.  We stood there and talked to Bud for probably about 30 minutes.  I have to say that Russ took all this in stride and stood there waiting patiently.  Bud gave him a kiss on the head and a hug before we left.

Russ and I soon headed home to begin the slumber party with my three Greyhound girls and one Greyhound boy who I am fostering.  All was well, not a grumble from anyone but one of my girls!  He hung with us for most of the day on Friday when I finally was able to return him to Ms. Pat's house to continue his foster stay.

All in all, I deemed the field trip a great success.  Russ handled himself extraordinarily well, enduring new sights and sounds (and Greyhounds) with ease!  He will be a great therapy dog and a wonderful addition to any family!!


As if last week wasn't frantic enough, what with graduating from our prison training class and traveling all the way to North Georgia... You'd think a guy would deserve a little rest, but Noooooo.

First, a hectic weekend of learning the ropes  here at the Halfway House. Then Monday, Mom P called the canine contingent together  for a talk, telling us we will be on our own for most of the day Tuesday while she gets some kind of medical procedure done at the people hospital. Can you say "Arteriogram"?  Me , niether.  As senior dog, Ms 'Mantha was to be in charge.  Isn't she always? She certainly seems to think so.  Having been around off and on for nearly a year, Fonzy has proven trustworthy. I was told to just follow their lead. I did, but she was home again by mid-afternoon, anyway, so we didn't have a chance to get into any trouble.   

On Wednesday, 6/6, Mom P turned 66.  Amazing how long humans can live. Happy B'day! A friend took her out to lunch to celebrate and while out she fetched( who knew people could?) the car she had to leave at the hospital the day before, so we once more have transport available.

Then, on Thursday, an adventure for me, just 1 week after arriving. It seems the lady who wants to adopt me  wants me to become a Certified Therapy Dog. For practice, Ms Patti decided to take me with her for a therapy visit to a nursing home with her and her dogs. Mom P says she heard the CPT test is very similar to the CGC we trained for the prison, and I aced that.  She also said that one of her prior foster sons, Race, is now doing an excellent job at it; and she says I'm as smart as he, if not quite as calm natured.

I'll  let you know how it went in next week's blog , unless Ms Patti beats me to it with a Therapy visit report.


Russ here. Lots of traveling today. We got to Smyrna a little ahead of schedule. Fortunately, bunches of folks were already there waiting for us, including  my new  Foster Mom Pat, so after a quick potty run, we all scattered and got back on the road  headed for our final or temporary next stops.  With these nice long days we're  having I've only been here an hour or so; but already met Foster brother Fonzy & Foster Sis Samantha and explored the house and grounds, and its just now getting dark. Mom P is impressed that I had no problem with going either up or down the 13 stairs between house & yard. I've been in and out the doggie door a couple of times, too, but won't claim that I'm completely confident about it yet.  Mom P says I probably will have it  totally conquered before the weekend is out and likely  won't be here long enough to worry about it,anyhow. Seems somebody is already interested in making me a permanent family member.  To that  I say, "Woo!" and let us not forget  "Hoo!!"

BTW,  ya see those bare patches on my rump in my profile pic?  Completly filled in already. I'm all slick and shiney now, as well as being smart.  Still have the fun personality,too.  What more could anyone ask? Mom P also says that my being a bit of a  toy freak is not all bad.  When she tossed a squeaky toy into the back seat of her car, I climbed halfway in after it, so she just had to give me a small boost rather than having to  try to lift my 70 pound self.   


Russ's inmate trainer says its the final week with him and she has to say, it's been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  He and she grew to love and learn one another.  Russ learned how to show his personality and his character.  He is a very loyal boy who's only fault that she can tell is his deep love and affection for his toys and unwillingness to give them up when he's playing!  Thank goodness he does know the "drop it" and "back off" commands and will do just that when they are used.  He is definitley very happy and playful.

He loves people and has never shown any fear of anyone in the prison.  He was exposed to the CCI labs and puppies and loved them all with no problems.  He also loves the water, especially the baby pools!  And he loves hugs which he gets alot of from his trainer!!

Another behavior trait of Jed's Russ is called "nitting".  When a Greyhound is very happy, and loves their "person" they may nibble at their arm or side with their front teeth.  It's actually an expression of great happiness but it might be otherwise misinterpreted.  His trainer will correct him when he does this and he will stop. 

Commands he has learned include sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, leave it, drop it, back off, and lap!

He has made her very happy and she knows he will make you happy as well.  She wishes him the best as he starts a new chapter in his life!


Russ is just perfect. He is so smart and just wants to please. He does excellent with his training and is extremely gentle. He ate peanut butter out of his kong with his trainer holding it. He is a goof ball and loves to play. He likes to play tug with his trainer and is vocal with his enjoyment. Even though it sounds like he is growling he is just being vocal and wags his tail the whole time. He will let go immediately if commanded to. This wonderful boy will be an asset to any forever home. They don't come any more loyal than this.


Russ is extraordinary. He has gone above and beyond with his training. He not only has mastered his basic obedience, but has learned several extra commands. He is incredibly smart and quite the people pleaser. This dog is as loyal and loving as they come. He is also a playful guy and loves to play tug of war. This dog is the entire package: looks, brains, and personality! He would be a great addition in anyone's life.


Russ is one of the dorm favorites. He is so easy going and well behaved that everyone loves him. He is going to be missed dearly. He is so good at all of his commands that the girls working on becoming trainers use him for practice. Nothing phases this boy and he definitely has no stage fright. He is such a ham and loves all of the attention. This boy is ready to be adopted.


Russ is a very friendly, people pleasing boy. He actually tries to communicate with his trainer with both verbal and facial expressions. He is so good when he plays with toys that his trainer can take them from him and rub and kiss his face while he is playing. He has learned all of his basic commands and will even show his belly when asked. This boy is a real gem and will shine bright in a forever home.


Russ is as loving and loyal as they come. This boy doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He fell asleep cuddling with his trainer on his bed. He is so eager to please that he has already learned all of his commands both verbally and by hand signal. He has no stranger danger issues and did great when he spent time with other trainers. He is going to be a great addition to any forever home.


Russ is the complete package of looks, personality, and intelligence. This boy is just as easy going as they come, nothing bothers this guy! He is very receptive to what is expected of him and performs accordingly. When he walks with his trainer he shadows her movement; when she stops-he stops, when she walks-he walks. Also when she is working in the office he will lay beside her desk on his bed until she is done. He is great company and lives to please. Russ will be a great addition to a forever home.


Russ has a wonderful temperament. He is such a good boy. He went to school and work with his trainer and fit right in. He laid on his bed without complaints while she worked. He has no issues with noises, crowds, people, or the CCI labs. He just goes with the flow, such a easy going people pleaser. His trainer states that he is learning his commands very quickly and she can't help but love him to pieces.