Mani's and Pedi's

Every girl loves a mani and pedi, right?  And that also includes Jam.  Upon her return to Second Chance Greyhounds, her nails were outrageously long.  I've been working to get them back down to a manageable state by trimming them every week.  She is so good - she just stands there and never says a word.  That, people, is priceless and is exactly what you want.  I have had one in the past who was just a bear when it came to mani's and pedi's and I have one now who is the same.  So, Jam's acceptance of the "procedure" is quite refreshing.  We will have them back to the proper length in no time. 

Here is Jam after her latest mani/pedi, playing with the frog.  She loves to play with toys!!