Hi everyone,

Well, I need to update you on how great I'm being! :-) 

I no longer wake the room early in the morning and for the past week we have all been getting up around 8am.  It's SO relaxing.  I don't know why I didn't think of it before. 

Also, I don't try to eat out of other dog's bowls until I hear my name called.  This takes quite a bit of self discipline, but I'm getting good at it. 

Also, when the FPs eat off trays on their laps in front of the TV, I am SO much better at not asking for a taste.  I have noticed they have tastes of each other's but for some reason that's OK.  Sometimes I slip a bit and get a bit too close, but when they say no, I do go and lie down with my back to them and stick my nose under my back leg so that I can't be tortured by watching them eat.

It's been a fun week of outings and playing in the yard with my foster sibs.   When I go out, people say how beautiful I am and I love meeting anyone and everyone.

Last night I felt so relaxed that I just had to lie on my back and do some air ballet for my FPs.

This morning I ran a lot with Spirit for the first time in the yard.  We ran up the back steps, through the shrubbery, through a special place he calls his dog cave, out onto the grass and back up the steps again - 3 times.  It was brilliant! 

When we go in the yard, we hear other dogs barking, but we don't bark at all.  There's one bark that goes on and on and on.  We just ignore it.

One thing that took me by surprise is that these humans try to roo.  No kidding!  I couldn't believe it the first time when FD (Foster Dad) started making this strange warbling noise and right away Rolli, then Daisy and Spirit all joined in.  I just lay there on a blanket and waited for it to finish.  Then they did it again the next day.  I tried two little mini howls but that was all.  Well,  last night I thought, I might as well join in.  It was so much fun. Everyone joined in and I loved it.  We were like the Von Trapp Greyhound family, with my Foster Dad as Julie And-"roos".

Please rub my tummy!

Please rub my tummy!

Me rooing (Rolli's nose left)

Me rooing (Rolli's nose left)