Can't wait for fireworks tomorrow night!!

It's almost the 4th!!  Inola will get to see fireworks for the first time, we assume he hasn't seen them before. 

Inola is still going strong, he now thinks he's a lap dog.  Whenever I'm sitting on the couch he thinks he's supposed to be sitting with me.  He can't get more than the front half of his body in my lap, but he certainly tries. 

He's really great with children, my husband and I have a 8 month old who gets a kick out of petting the "doggie".  Inola just stands there and let's the baby pet him for as long as needed. 

Inola is also excited about going to his first Meet & Greet on July 18th (10:00 am to 12:00 pm) at the Petsmart in Valdosta, Ga--come by and meet him (you'll fall in love with him)!!

He has certainly adjusted to living in a home extremely well, we'll miss him when he's adopted.